Walker Henri Smith Foster Brother Of Benjamin Roberts.,,,

Walker Smith
Background information
Films The Rage (film)

Friday the 13th (Reboot film) (mentioned only) One Time (film)

TV Series The Rage Evolution
Portrayed By Arley Swaby

Erickson Brown(rumored) Joshua Pennyworth (teenager)

Performance Model
Honors and Awards
Character information
Full Name Walker Smith
Other Names
Personality Greek

American Vampire Greek

Age 21
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Status Alive
Cause of Death
Relatives Walker Smith's Father (Father)

Benjamin Roberts (Foster brother;deceased) Martha Smith (Stepmother;deceased)
Frankie Nightmare (Adopted Brother, lost brother) Alan (Relative;deceased)

Appearance The Rage (film)

The Rage 2 (film) (cameo only)

Occupation Vampire Hunter (currently)
Alignment Alan (His Friend; his former enemy)
Origin New York, City
Powers and abilities Vampire Vision (used teeth grow out transform into human)
Current location
Place of Death
Fate Deceased

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