Two vampires stood outside the mansion. One, was tall and skinny, wearing a white and blue 1700s French military uniform. He was very handsome, and had dark, combed hair. The other, was slender, beautiful, pregnant, and of medium height. She wore a black dress, and high heels. But, something was off about them. There were blood streaks on their mouths, and red splatters on their clothing. They waited impatiently for the owner to answer the door.

Sure enough, she did. Lizbeth Constantine was an athletic vampire, with waist length red hair. "Hello. Are you Lizbeth Constantine?", the male vampire asked politely.

"Yes, I am.", she replied.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jacques Deschanel. My friend here is Selena Orlok. May we... Come in?", he asked.

"Most certainl.", she welcomed them.

The vampire couple sat themselves down in the living room. "We have heard that you have done many wonderful things for vampires. Hidden them from the public, given them objects to help control their instincts, and even helped reduce pain. We were wondering, if you could help us with something like that.", Jacques told Lizbeth.

"I would be greatly pleased to. What is your story?", she asked.

"You see, tonight, me and Selena decided to go out, to a bar. We got a Bloody Mary, but, apparently that didn't cut it.", he said grimly. "All it did was get us drunk, and before we knew it, we had eaten the entire bar. As in, actually having devoured every person in the room. The police are now calling it the act of some psychopath, so we're safe for now. But I just can't believe we did it. I consumed 16 people!", he said nervously. 

"I, on the other hand could have cared less for the inhabitants of that bar. But they were yummy, I'll give them that.", Selena chimed in, licking some blood off of her chin.

"So, you want me to help you control your instincts then?", Lizbeth asked. Jacques flushed red. "Not... Exactly.", he admitted. "Come on, do it! You showed me...", Selena told Jacques.

Jacques groaned a little. "Would you mind if I opened my uniform?", he asked, about to unbutton the lower section of his coat/uniform. Lizbeth could hear that something inside Jacques was digesting loudly, churning and gurgling consistently. 

Lizbeth was surprised at such a questio. "Sure.", she allowed him.

With a soft groan he reached down and unbuttoned his coat, and opened it to reveal his stomach. This left his pale, swollen, round sloshy ball of a stomach completely exposed. His prominent cheekbones flushed red as his rather bloated stomach was revealed. His belly gurgled appreciatively as it surged forward into the newfound space. "Thank you mademoiselle.", he told Lizbeth, slightly embarrassed. 

Lizbeth was shocked, but also slightly aroused by the situation. She pitied his stomach, and somehow yearned to touch it. 

"Now you know how I've felt for the last 174 years.", Selena remarked, reaching over, and poking her thin, long finger about an inch into his bloated, bubbling abdomen. "Oooohhhh Selly,", he moaned, clutching his belly as his intestines gurgled sickeningly. "Aww. Do you have a tummyache?", she soothed. "Poor belly, not used to the meat and blood that vampires shouldn't have." Send cooed, semi sarcastically while placing a hand over his tummy. It continued to gurgle and glorp unhappily.

"I came here, Miss Constantine, so you could, umm, heal my stomach.", he admitted. 

Selena raised an eyebrow, and put an ear to Jacques's stomach curiously. It gurgled and churned loudly.  

Lizbeth nodded, and approached Jacque, hands ready. "I'm sorry honey, but this may be uncomfortable at first.", she told him. 

Lizbeth purred, pressing her fingers into his bloated belly, massaging gently and helping it along as it struggled with all of the gore that was digesting.  

Jacque moaned slightly as she pressed her fingers in his gurgling stomach.

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