The Slumber Party Massacre is a American horror slasher film which is going to be released on 2013. The cast features Chelan Simmons, Danielle Harris, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Shawnee Smith, Tuesday Knight, Megan Fox, Erica Leershen, Rachel McAdams, Sara Paxton, Arielle Kebbel, Leighton Meester, Terra Vnesa, Jennifer Holland, Jessica Biel, Lacey Chabert and Allison Kyler.


A Group of Sorority sisters decided to do a slumber party, Crystal is a shy quiet and weird girl who is jealous of Alexis, a popular, sassy and care free with many friends while Crystal don't have friends and this pushes her to kill one of the sisters and they all start dying. Can Alexis stop Crystal from killing the sisters before its too late?


The Film opens with Crystal walking in a dark street holding a couple of beers for the slumber party when suddenly, she encounters a crazy woman and the woman tells her name and her name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks Crystal why she was sad and Crystal tell Elizabeth that she is jealous of Alexis. Elizabeth tells Crystal to kill her sisters and Alexis. Crystal agreed and leave, Meanwhile at the Sorority House the girls are getting ready for the party while Kelly is going to grab a food Mrs. Evans slaps her hand and Kelly became sad which leads her to go outside. Meagan is talking with Lauren and Heather where Holly came and tells them to help the others and this causes Meagan and Holly to fight only to be stopped by a mad Mrs.Evans. Crystal finally came and Emily grabs the beers and brings to the Sarah.


Chelan Simmons as Alexis Hamilton; The Main Protoganist and The Popular Sister.

Danielle Harris as Crystal Morgan; The Weird Sister.

Chris Evans as Charlie Delgado; The Boyfriend of Alexis.

Ryan Reynolds as Travis McKinney; The Abusive Boyfriend of Crystal.

Shawnee Smith as Mrs. Evans; The House Mother.

Tuesday Knight as Meagan Tuesday; The Brave Sister.

Megan Fox as Sarah McKlein; The Mean Sister.

Erica Leershen as Holly White; The Bossy Sister.

Rachel McAdams as Kelly Masterson; The Dumb Sister.

Sara Paxton as Lauren Everhart; The Rich Sister.

Arielle Kebbel as Heather Vandergerald; Lauren's Bestfriend.

Leighton Meester as Michelle McKnight; Sarah's Bestfriend.

Terra Vnesa as Lori Middleton; Alexis' Bestfriend.

Jennifer Holland as Jenna Milligan; Alexis' Bestfriend.

Jessica Biel as Emily Cole; Sarah's Bestfriend.

Lacey Chabert as Ashley Coleman; Alexis' Bestfriend.

Allison Kyler as Elizabeth; A Crazy Woman who pushes Crystal to kill her sisters.


Elizabeth:Stabbed to death.

Ashley Coleman:Butchered.

Lauren Everhart:Impaled in head with pole.

Heather Vandergeral:Impaled in head with pole.

Kelly Masterson:Impaled in head with ax.

Lori Middleton:Glass shatters all over her face.

Emily Cole:Run over by a car.

Travis McKinney:

Michelle McKnight:

Mrs. Evans:

Holly White:

Meagan Tuesday:

Jenna Milligan:

Sarah McKlein:

Charlie Delgado:

Crystal Morgan:

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