Scream 13 is a remake of the horror film, Starring Kristen Stewart, Hailee Steinfeld, Lindsey Shaw, Julian Morris,




  • Kristen Stewart as Sidney Prescott
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Hayley McDonald
  • Lindsey Shaw as Melinda Roberts
  • Julian Morris as Detective Sam Macher
  • TBA as Det Tom Wallace
  • Ali Larter as Judy Hicks
  • TBA as Sabrina Wallace
  • TBA as Ember Jackson
  • Patrick Stewart- Professor Joesph McKenzie
  • TBA as Dr. Shaun Lloyd
  • TBA as Dr. Rebecca Lloyd
  • TBA as Mary Ann McKenzie
  • TBA-Leo Timmons
  • TBA-Nancy Dawson
  • Joel Courtney as Ethan Carsia
  • TBA as Chris Carsia
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Brianna Albertson

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