Halloween: 8 Years Later is the remake of 2012 horror film. Starring Mark Wahlberg,


8 years ago, Michael Myers, the main character disappeared into the sea when was shot by the police. 8 years later Michael come back in Haddonfield to kill Steven Lloyd and Lauren Prescott.



  • Mark Wahlberg as Michael Myers
  • TBA as Lauren Prescott
  • TBA as Steven Lloyd
  • TBA as Rebecca Prescott
  • TBA as Rhonda Prescott
  • TBA as Gemma Prescott
  • TBA as Rowan Nightingale
  • TBA as Tyrone Scott
  • TBA as Peyton McDonald
  • TBA as Sophie Lloyd
  • TBA as Frank Geords
  • TBA as Felicity Connor
  • TBA as Maisie McDonald
  • TBA as Katie Prescott
  • TBA as Shaun Prescott
  • TBA as Young Lauren Prescott
  • TBA as Jackie Scott
  • TBA as Danny Prescott
  • TBA as Mary Prescott

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