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    Halloween: 8 Years Later is the remake of 2012 horror film. Starring Mark Wahlberg,

    8 years ago, Michael Myers, the main character disappeared into the sea when was shot by the police. 8 years later Michael come back in Haddonfield to kill Steven Lloyd and Lauren Prescott.

    • Mark Wahlberg as Michael Myers
    • TBA as Lauren Prescott
    • TBA as Steven Lloyd
    • TBA as Rebecca Prescott
    • TBA as Rhonda Prescott
    • TBA as Gemma Prescott
    • TBA as Rowan Nightingale
    • TBA as Tyrone Scott
    • TBA as Peyton McDonald
    • TBA as Sophie Lloyd
    • TBA as Frank Geords
    • TBA as Felicity Connor
    • TBA as Maisie McDonald
    • TBA as Katie Prescott
    • TBA as Shaun Prescott
    • TBA as Young Lauren Prescott
    • TBA as Jackie Scott
    • TBA as Danny Prescott
    • TBA as Mary Prescott
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  • Ednasharon24534

    Paranormal Activity 4 is remake of 2012 American supernatural horror film, starring

    Ali Rey and her friend, Chloe Cooper start to discover paranormal events taking place in both of their homes. They do research on ghosts and demons and discover that they both have unfinished business in their paths.

    • ChloĆ« Moretz as Chloe Cooper
    • TBA as Katie Rey
    • TBA as Kristi Rey
    • TBA as Daniel Rey
    • TBA as Abigail Nightingale
    • TBA as Karima Dansby
    • TBA as Ali Rey
    • TBA as Thomas Rey
    • Leighton Meester as Samantha Cooper
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  • Ednasharon24534

    The Curse of the Woman in Black is remake of horror film, starring Hailee Steinfeld, Sienna Guillory,

    • Hailee Steinfeld as Roxanne Lloyd
    • Sienna Guillory as Sally Hetherson
    • TBA as Marcus Hetherson
    • TBA as Camille Hetherson
    • TBA as Mark Hetherson
    • TBA as Daniel Hetherson
    • TBA as Jennet Humfrye
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  • Ednasharon24534

    The Revenge of the Woman in Black is remake of 2014 horror film, starring

    • TBA as Lisa Jones
    • Hailee Steinfeld as Roxanne Lloyd
    • Mark Wahlberg as Tommy Jones
    • TBA as Nina Jones
    • TBA as Muffy Jones
    • TBA as Ian Jones
    • TBA as Jennet Humfrye
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    The Babysitter

    June 14, 2012 by Ednasharon24534

    The Babysitter is reamke of 2013 Horror Slasher Thriller film. Starring Georgie Henley, Jason Lee, Gina Holden,

    • Georgie Henley as Kelly Forrester
    • Jason Lee as David Forrester
    • Gina Holden as Gail Armstrong - Forrester
    • TBA as as Nancy Wilson/Alicia Hooper
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