Tristan And The Slasher Slayers is a 2015 horror action tv series that aired from June 1st, 2015 to April 18th, 2017.


Tristan Moyer is an average teenager and a juvenile delinquent who loves horror films (mostly slasher films). On Halloween, he made the most fatal mistake of his hard life by egging a house of a very powerful witch. Out of anger, the witch named Helena Markos places a powerful curse on Tristan which causes him to gain extraordinary powers that teleport him into horror films. Along the way, Tristan gains newfound friends and ablities to defend himself and others from horror film villains in order to save the world.


Colin Ford as Tristan Moyer (season 1-2)

Stephen Dorff as Tristan Moyer (as an adult) (season 3)

Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White and Chelsea Lutz (season 1-3)

Emily Meade as Leah "Fang" Plenkov (season 1-3)

Danielle Harris as Marybeth Dunstan (season 3)

Elizabeth Mitchell as Carrie Moyer (nee White) (season 3)

Jimmy Bennett as Michael Lutz (season 3)

Jesse James as as Billy Lutz (season 3)

Brendan Fehr as Nick (season 1-3)

Avan Jogia as Jordan McCardy (season 3)

Nathan Fillion as Bill Pardy (season 1-2)

Emily Perkins as Brigitte Stubbs (nee Fitzgerald) (season 1-3)

Bella Thorne as Sandy Lane (season 3)

Noah Segan as John (season 3)

Melissa George as Kathy Lutz (season 3)

Alexandra Daddario as Heather Miller/Edith Sawyer (season 3)

Ryan Reynolds as George Lutz (season 1-3)

Dylan Minnette as Trip Moyer (season 3)

Kenton Duty as Jared Stubbs (season 3)

Jeremy Sisto as Adam Stubbs (season 1-3)

Katharine Isabelle as Ginger McCardy (nee Fitzgerald) (season 1-3)

Jesse Moss as Jason McCardy (season 3)

Dan Yeager as Leatherface (season 3)

Shelley Hennig as Annie Moyer (season 3)

Episodes Edit



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