Tristen And The Slasher Slayers is a 2015 horror action tv series that aired from June 1st, 2015 to April 18th, 2017.


Tristen Moyer is an average teenager and a juvenile delinquent who loves horror films (mostly slasher films). On Halloween, he made the most fatal mistake of his hard life by egging a house of a very powerful witch. Out of anger, the witch named Helena Markos places a powerful curse on Tristen which causes him to gain extraordinary powers that teleport him into horror films. Along the way, Tristen gains newfound friends and ablities to defend himself and others from horror film villains in order to save the world.


Tristen MoyerEdit

The main character of the show. He is a troubled, self centered, neurotic 16 year old boy. His weapon is a scythe. His supernatural abilitlies are mind control, sleepwalking, shapeshifting and ressurection powers. His motive of saving the world is to relfect on his destructive actions. In the third episode, Tristen gets bitten by a vampire in The Forsaken and developed a curse mark on his hand to turn half vampire. In the episode, "Somebody Bite Me", he accidently drank a bottle of blood thinking it is Kool Aid. This enhanced his curse mark to it's second level. When he is in his second level, He has overgrown snow white hair, gray skin and red eyes with fangs.

Carrie WhiteEdit

The main character from 2013's Carrie. She joins Tristen to reflect on her actions at prom. Her weapon is the power of telekinesis. She became Tristen's girlfriend the moment she joined her. They get married in the end of the four part season finale "Screaming For More".


A character from The Forsaken. Nick is Tristen's close friend. He shown to be a vampire hunter in the third episode, "A God FORSAKEN Adventure". His weapon is a cross shaped stake. He joins Carrie and Tristen in the episode, "Tristen Cuts Class".

Leah "Fang" PlenkovEdit

Leah is a character from My Soul To Take. Leah is Nick's girlfriend.

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