The White House is an upcoming 2015 horror film starring Jaime King, Justin Long, Bailee Madison, Emma Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It is loosely based on the film, Pagpag: Siyam Na Buhay about a group of people who are terrorized by an evil spirit who wants to possess a mother to kill her own family and neighbour.


Andie (Jamie King) and Dan (Justin Long) Walters are both worried of their disabled and autistic daughter Hillary (Bailee Madison) because she is very sad all day. But when they both all move to a estrange white house, things get worse when they move to the house and Dan's great grandmother, Lynn (Emma Bell), who died in 1906, becomes a ghost and starts having a revenge on the Walters, plans to kill the Walters Family and wants to possess Andie to kill Dan.



  1. Lily- eyes are gouge out and throws her into the pool (Lynn)


Hillary tells Dan she saw LynnEdit

  • Dan: Hillary, what are you doing?
  • Hillary: Playing with Lynn.
  • Dan: Who's Lynn?
  • Hillary: Her full name is Lynn Coleman.
  • (flashback enters Dan's father tells him that about Lynn Coleman
  • Dan: Hillary, get upstairs


  • It is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema.
  • Rated R for some disturbing images, horror violence and some sensuality.
  • 18 Certificate
  • The Pitch: The Conjuring meets 1408

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