The Silencer: Resurrection is 2018 supernatural psychological horror thriller film sequel to 2016's film The Silencer.


After surviving the deadly attack, Molly Cross uncover a resurrection cult that resurrection her family's murdered neighbour back to life. Now, Molly and her family must stop the resurection clut bring The Silencer back to life but shocked to found out the most darkest secret.



  • TBA as Stephen Cross
  • TBA as Deborah Cross
  • TBA as Molly Cross
  • TBA as Aiden Cross
  • TBA as Hayley Cross



  • The films conatins strong supernatural violence, strong language, disturbing content, strong sexual content, graphic nudity and flashing images.
  • 18 certificate
  • Notes: BBFC has given The Silencer: Resurrection an 15 certificate but they decide to change the certificate to 18 because of the sex scene of the movie, the BBFC was worried the sex scene must be too intense for the young teenagers, that was the reason The Silencer: Resurrction has been an 18 certificate.

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