The Silencer is 2016 supernatural psychological horror thriller film.


On third anniversary of the death of their murdered neighbour, a family is hunted by a supernatural monster that is terroring the neighbours.



  • TBA as Stephen Cross
  • TBA as Deborah Cross/Stephen's wife
  • TBA as Aiden Cross/Stephen and Deborah's 16 years old son
  • TBA as Molly Cross/Stephen and Deborah's 13 years old daughter
  • TBA as Hayley Cross/Stephen and Deborah's 9 years old daughter
  • TBA as Ellen Brenner/A widower who used to married to James before his death
  • TBA as James Brenner/The Cross's neighbour was murdered at the opening at the movie before at the ending, he was bring back to life to attack Molly and James is Ellen's husband



  • The films conatins strong supernatural violence, fightening scene, disturbing content, flashing images and strong language.
  • 15 certificate

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