The Rage: Carrie 2 is a 2012 supernatural horror film and a remake of the 1999 horror film, The Rage: Carrie 2 and a sequel to the 2002 horror remake, Carrie. The film stars Rooney Mara, Dakota Fanning, Maggie O'Neill, Chris Pine, Mark Wahlberg, Kandyse McClure, Ellen Wroe, Dennis Quaid, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Ryan Hansen, Max Van Ville, Topher Grace, Meagan Good, Scout Taylor-Compton, Demi Lovato, Jessica Tyler Brown, Robert De Niro, David Henrie and Emma Bell.


Danielle Simpsons sits down with detectives and tells the story of a young girl named Rachel Lang, who tries to survive through her high school life. Rachel ends up dating a popular jock, Jesse Ryan, but Jesse's friends hate her. Rachel gets set up at a party by people who she thought were her friends, and Mark Bing and his football buddies showed a sex tape of Rachel and Jesse, which causes Rachel to loose control of her telekenetic powers and she uses them to kill everyone.


Rooney Mara as Danielle Simpsons - A tomboy and the survivor of Mark Bing's house party.

Dakota Fanning as Rachel Lang - Ralph and Barbara's daughter.

Maggie O'Neill as Barbara Lang - Rachel's mother and Ralph's ex-wife

Chris Pine as Jesse Ryan - Tracy's boyfriend who takes Rachel to Mark Bing's house party. He's apart of the Mark - Eric - Brad - Chuck friend group.

Mark Wahlberg as Detective Roy Goldsmith - A detective who interviews anyone responsible for the deaths at Mark Bing's house party. He mainly interviews Danielle Simpsons.

Kandyse McClure as Miss Sue Snell - survivor of Carrie White's massacre from the original remake of Carrie and is now a guidence counselor.

Ellen Wroe as Emily Simpsons - Danielle's sister and the survivor of Mark Bing's house party.

Dennis Quaid as Ralph White - Rachel's father and Barbara's ex-husband

Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Mark Bing - football player and jock who hosts a football after-party in his house. He's apart of the Jesse - Brad - Eric - Chuck friend group.

Ryan Hansen as Eric Stark - football player and jock who seduces, then rejects Lisa Parker, which leads to her suicide. He's apart of the Mark - Jesse - Brad - Chuck friend group.

Max Van Ville as Chuck Potter - football player and apart of the Mark - Jesse - Eric - Brad friend group.

Topher Grace as Arnold - Rachel's friend.

Meagan Good as Tracy Campbell - Jesse's girlfriend. Danielle's best friend.

Scout Taylor-Compton as Monica Jones - Brad's girlfriend

Demi Lovato as Debra - Monica's best friend.

Jessica Tyler Brown as Young Rachel Lang

Robert De Niro as David Stark - Eric's father who defends him against Lisa's death when Eric is being suspended.

David Henrie as Brad Winters - Monica's boyfriend. He's also apart of the Mark - Jesse - Eric - Chuck friend group.

Emma Bell as Lisa Parker - Rachel's best friend who commits suicide


Lisa Parker - Lisa hangs herself

Brad Winters - When Rachel breaks all the windows, the shards fly around everywhere and decapitate Brad

Chuck Potter - Rachel uses her powers to throw a spear through Chuck's chest and pins him to a door.

Debra - She tries to escape out of a window and falls out of it by accident and breaks her head

Monica Jones - Rachel uses her telekenetic powers to make Monica's glasses break and the shards from Monica's broken glasses stab her in her eyes.

Eric Stark - When Monica died, she accidentally swings her spear gun and shoots Eric in his groin with her gun.

Mark Bing - Rachel grabbed Mark and threw him under his pool and locked him under it, where he drowned.

Tracy Campbell - Rachel found Tracy in her car with Jesse. She grabbed Tracy's arm and used her telekenetic powers to make her heart explode


Jesse Blames Mark About Rachel's House Attack

Jesse: Did you go to Rachel's house last night?

Mark: Yeah. I just wanted to send her a little message.

Jesse: Well, the next time you want to send Rachel a message, check it in with me first.

Mark: Dude, what's your problem. this chick is a poor, low class slut. a nobody

Jesse: What ever happen to don't judge a book by it's cover.

Mark: Well Rachel's cover is to easy to see. I see nothing but crap.

Jesse: You don't even know her.

Mark: Oh, like you do. you're the one rating Rachel for points in our point book.

Jesse: Fuck the book. I happen to actually like this girl for who she is.

Mark: Do you want to know who she is. She's a sellout wannabe who's gonna turn in Eric for Lisa's death.

Jesse: You know what, Eric makes his own choices. He can take care of himself. If you mess with Rachel, you mess with me.

Mark: Oh, really.

(Mark and Jesse start to wrestle)

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