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The Impending Death
3d horror text effect


Hayden Panettiere
Brett Dalton
Rami Malek
Galadriel Stineman
Noah Fleiss
Nichole Bloom
Jordan Fisher
Meaghan Martin

The Impending Death is a  horror action film that was released on March 24, 2016. The cast of Until Dawn was picked to be casted in the movie


8 friends find an abandoned forest ground where they stumble upon the horrors of the forest that could change their life forever..or not make them have a life at all.


The movie starts off with Chris and Josh running to go see Sam at her house due to Sam telling them its an emergency. They arrive but Sam says that she just told them that so they could rush there. She starts telling them about a new discovery that was found on the news. An abandoned forest ground named Cyllicone Streak that has supernatural and weird anomalies. Chris tells her that it might be fake and he and Josh start laughing. Ashley, a friend of theirs, busts through the front door telling them that the location has been revealed. Josh then starts insisting that they should check it out, telling them that this could be a scientific discovery if they show some evidence to the world. Ashely and Sam both agree on this but Chris decides that he needs some time to think about it. Josh tended to pester Chris by repeadedley asking him "Have you thought about it". Josh shows up in Chris's house, under Chris's desk, in his bathroom and Sam, Ashley and Josh show up at the supermarket and ask Chris the same question. Chris finally snaps and says fine reluctantly, resulting in everyone else cheering

They arrive at the site, where they encounter Matt, Jessica, Mike and Emily. They explain that they are also exploring this place and decide that they should all team up. They continue walking through the site, each step they take they hear a strange noise. Josh takes this as an oppurtinity to record the experience to post this online. They find an abandoned facility along the way. Chris starts to get more and more paranoid but Josh and his happy spirit calms Chris down. They walk in and apparently, the automatic doors still worked. Everything in the facility was either broken, burned or destroyed. Mike flips a switch and the lights turn. Josh continues to record saying that the lights still worked. The gang starts to explore different rooms, each of them recording so they could combine the footage. Meanwhile, a masked figure is seen in a computer room, collecting data and the gang shows up on his security camera monitor. Realizing that there is people in his facility he says "Lets have a little fun" in a slow tone. As each of them are exploring, a loud scream is heard from Emily and they all rush to her. She and the rest find skulls hanging from the ceiling Jessica tells everyone not to panic and that it might just be decorations. The facility doors suddenly close, leaving them trapped inside.  Emily starts to panic even more but Mike calms her down by saying "Maybe it was just the wind". The building starts to shake and the masked figure comes on a screen saying " Hahahaha..pathetic stupid humans, you shouldnt have come'll never leave this place ALIVE!!" A loud screech is heard from a room and a weird human animal like zombie approches them. Chris then asks Emily to use her scanner to see what it is. She then informs him that it is a Cyllicone Sleeper(sleepers for short), a creature that feeds on people. The Sleeper doesnt move until Josh snaps a picture and the cyllicone sleeper screeches and they all start running

As they are running more cyllicone sleepers drop down from the ceiling. One of them grabs Josh and start to drag him away. Chris runs back and kicks the sleeper in the face, thus letting go of Josh, but his chest gets slashed in the process One of the sleepers grabs Chris's leg and he struggles to move his foot away. Josh grabs a wooden beam and smashes it on the sleeper. Chris and Josh continue to run and the room starts to collapse. They catch up with the rest but the sleepers continue to gain up on them. The ground continues to crack as they run. Josh still continues to record the experience. Mike sees a room up ahead and tells them to head for it. They get to the room door but wooden beams fall down and Sam gets stuck between them. Matt runs back and tries to pull Sam out but it doesnt work. Emily then starts to kick the beams so they break. The sleepers almost grab Sam but Matt manages to pull her out and they make it to the room and the ceiling crushes the sleepers, thus killing them. Everyone is scared to death and Chris starts yelling at them telling them that it was a bad idea to come to Cyllicone Streak. Ashley tells him to stop yelling and to settle down. Mike tries to think of a way out of the facility but gets frustrated. Jessica then suggests that they should hide and wait until its safe. Ashley then realizes that the ceiling fell when the door was shut so they had no way out of the room. Matt looks around and finds a ladder that goes up. He tells everyone to head for the ladder.

The Masked Figure continues to watch the gang on his monitor. He then sharpens his blade and sleepers enter into his room. He gets angry and slices all of them. He goes to the monitor and zooms in on Ashley and laughs.

The gang manages to climb up the ladder and it leads them outside. Chris suggests that they should find a place to stay. He locates a medium sized house near some trees. They all head to the house and Mike busts down the door to get it open. Nobody seemed to live in the house. Matt decides to go out and get some materials to survive. Emily urges him not to go but he assures her that he'll be fine. Matt grabs an ax from the closet and heads out

Matt causiously traverses the cold dark ground of the forest. Along the way he finds two shotguns and two puddles of blood. He picks up the shotguns and puts it in his bag. He continues walking and he finds a tree with a sliced human leg and a sliced human arm hanging from it. Matt reaches out to grab wood from the tree and an arm emerges from the tree and grabs Matt's hand. A  CS was hinding behind the tree. The CS begins to bang Matt's face against the tree, leaving a streak of blood on his face. Matt screams in pain and everyone else hears it. Chris, Mike and Josh immediately realize his scream and rush out the door to aid him, followed by the girls going after them. They arrive at the tree and Matt is struggling with the sleeper. Chris grabs the sleeper by the neck and wrestles it. Mike grabs Matt and Josh grabs a shotgun from Matt's backpack and shoots the CS. Ashley and Sam comfort Matt and get more scared when they see the blood on his face. He begins to cough up blood and Ashley and Sam carry him to the house. Josh begins to tear a little bit but Matt turns around and assures him that he'll be fine. Emily tells all of them that they need to get help so they could get out of the forest and back home. Sam then finds the van but it flung away by a strong wind. They make it back to the house and Ashley begins nursing Matt. 

Josh and Chris sit down and start thinking about how they are going to get out alive. Chris tries to remember what the masked man was saying and concludes that the only way out is to locate the masked man and take him out and maybe that'll be away out. He then says "We should get some rest and tomorrow, we'll start finding clues that'll lead us to the masked man. Josh agrees and goes to inform everyone else.

At night, Chris struggles to sleep due to him starting to have nightmares. In his nightmare, The Masked Man is seen dragging Sam's bloody corpse to a fire and burning the body, slicing Josh's head off, crushing Mike's head, eating Jessica's heart, throwing his blade at Matt's back, stabbing Emily in the chest and throwing her body off a cliff and snapping Ashley's neck and grinding her in a sawblade right in front of Chris, and her last words before she died was "I thought we were friends" Then the masked man starts to approach Chris and right when he is about to kill him Chris wakes up, frightened to death. He becomes relieved that it was all a nightmare and goes back to sleep. A scream is heard again and a loud bang is heard. Chris jumps up and wakes everyone up. The Masked Man is seen grabbing Ashley and taking her out the front door. Mike grabs his shotgun and shoots the man but it doesnt effect him at all. Emily charges at him but the man grabs her too and drags her out the front door. Sam races after them with Josh, Chris and Mike and the rest behind her. She grabs him and punches him in the face, letting go of Emily. Sam tries fighting the man but he hits one of Sam's pressure points and knocks her out. He proceeds to take Sam and Ashley and he sends CS's to attack the remaining 6 people. Chris panics but Josh soccer kicks a machine gun to him and he starts shooting the CS's. Josh hands everyone one and they all shoot down the CS's. When they finish, the masked man, Ashley, and Sam are no where to be found. Mike falls to the floor in disappointment and begins to tear, fearing that they could be dead by now. Chris, in a traumatized state tells him that they'll find them. They proceed and they try to follow the path that the man went.

Inside another abandoned facility, the masked man chains Ashley and Sam to a wall. Ashley starts to breathe very hard and gets more scared. The Masked Man aproaches her and says "Aww, your scared? Dont be..just laugh it up." Ashley becomes really confused but understands when the man starts tickling Ashley's stomach. Ashley laughs loud and Sam tells her to fight it. The man removes Ashley's boots and starts to tickle her feet. Tears start running down Ashley's cheek. The Man calls two CS's to tickle Ashley more. The man then goes to Sam, where he starts tickling her stomach, then her bare feet. Sam tries to hold it in but bursts out laughing. Her face starts turning red and tears start to emerge. She begs him to stop but he increases the tickles. He calls two more CS's to tickle Sam. He then says 'What more jokingly better way to finish you two off than tickling you to death?" He then starts to question Sam about the secret treasure that is hidden in the forest. She tells him that she knows nothing about it and that only makes the CS's tickle faster. He repeadley asks her but she answers no. He asks Ashley and she says she knows about it but she doesnt know where. The man ceases the tickling and Ashley and Sam start breathing very hard. The  man starts laughing and turns on a sawblade machine. He tells them its either they talk or they die. He leaves and Sam tries to get in contact with everyone. She remembered that she put a small antenna in her hair that connects to Josh's phone. She starts biting her hair to find it and eventually she finds it. She bites it to turn it on and she yells out Josh's name.

Josh hears her voice and pulls out his phone. She tells informs him that she is in another abandoned facility that is north from the house and that a sawblade is about to cut her and Ashley in half. He tells everyone and they set out to find the facility.

Jessica searches her phone's gps to see if she can locate the facility. She locates one that says "Dameon's Slaughter House" and in parentheses it says abandoned. She shows Chris and they follow the coordinates. It cuts back to the man, and the sawblade gets closer and closer to them. Ashley starts getting scared and begins to cry a little, telling Sam that they're going to die and theres no way out. Sam assures her that the gang will save them from the sawblade. She looks away and whispers "I hope..."

The gang is seen climbing up a mountain. Emily starts complaining on how the mountain is too high and she slips and falls. She grabs onto a rock on the mountain and yells "Fuck this mountain!". Several crows hear her and swoop to her direction. They begin to attack her by pecking her face and arms. Chris whistles and the birds hear it. He whistles again and motions them to come up and they fly away from Emily to Chris's direction. He whistles and motions them to go to the top of the mountain and they fly to the top. Mike then says "I didnt know you spoke crow." Chris replies "Its a work in progress". As they almost reach the top Emily complains more about how she cant do it. Matt rolls his eyes in annoyance and grabs Emily's arm and throws her up, sending her flying and landing onto the top of the mountain. Everyone looks at him surprised and he simply replies "What?, someone had to stop her bickering" They finally reach the top and the facility is in front of them. Mike tells them proceed with caution, but he shrugs his shoulders and kicks down the door. They all run through the hall and Mike busts down the second door and they find Ashley, Sam and of course the masked man on a computer screen. The sawblade is one minute away from killing Sam and Ashley. The man tells Chris that he has a choice, to save Sam, or Ashley. Chris yells at him saying that thats not fair. The man laughs and says "Times ticking". Chris starts spazzing out saying that he cant think straight(similar to until dawn). Chris holds the lever to switch the direction to Ashley or Sam. He starts hesitating and Sam and Ashley yell for Chris's help. Chris gets angry but then smirks. He pulls the lever hard enough so it breaks. The sawblade breaks down and explodes. The man screams and the monitor turns off. He busts open a door and goes after Chris. He grabs him by the neck and pulls out his blade. Josh choke holds the man and bangs him against the wall. Jessica kicks him out the front door. Mike grabs a blade from the facility and chases the man outside. The man gets up and grabs his blade from the snow. Mike begins to fight the man with his blade. Eventually Mike stabs the man in the chest and he falls down. Mike cheers that its over, but it wasnt. The man simply gets up, takes the sword out of his stomach and throws it back to Mike. Mike just sits there with a scared and surprised facial expression. He looks at the man and using his imagination, he sees a vision of how he should take the man out. He charges at the man and slides next to him. He knocks the blade from the mans hand and trips the man with his legs. He begins to bang his blade on the man but he continues to block it. As Mike is hitting him, he man keeps backing up. The man ends up near the edge of the mountain and Mike says "see ya" and kicks him off. The man plummets down the mountain. All Mike heard a crack but he couldnt tell if it was a tree branch or the mans neck. Mike runs back to everyone else. Chris pats Mike shoulder and tells him "You are one of the greatest people i've ever met". He replies "I know." 

The gang go back inside and Josh and Chris head to untie Sam and Ashley. Chris asks them what happened and Sam tells him "For some reason, he tickle tortured us and then he tried to kill us with a sawblade, and he questioned us about a secret treasure in the woods"  Josh starts joking around and jokingly asks Sam "So, you're ticklish" and he starts giggling. Sam denies it hesitantly but Josh starts tickling her stomach, making her giggle. Everyone starts laughing at Sam. Josh comments on how her laugh and smile is cute and she starts blushing. She tells him to quit it in a soft tone but he says "Whats the magic word?" and she says "Please". He stops and unchains her hands. He unchains her legs and tickles her feet a little and Sam laughs. Chris finishes unchaining Ashley and they put their shoes back on. Sam face is still red and Josh winks at her, making her face turn even more red. They get outside and Ashley starts telling everyone about the secret treasure that is hidden inside the forest. She says she doesnt know where it is but she thinks they should find it before they find a way out of the forest. Chris sighs, saying that Ashley is right but Jessica says "WE WERE ALMOST KILLED BY A MANIAC AND WERE GOING TO SEARCH FOR TREASURE AND EXPECT NOT TO GET KILLED!?" Sam tells her to calm down and stop being a pu**y. She then asks her "Wheres your sense of adventure" and she replies "My sense of adventure died as soon as i stepped foot in the forest" 

They all start climbing dowb the mountain and they reach the bottom. They all head back to the house to rest up. Sam, Chris, Ashley, and Josh head to Sam's room to reaserch anything about the secret treasure. The only clue they could find was "Where the trees form a triangle". Ashley decides that they should look around using that clue. Chris and Josh head out the door.

Josh goes north and Chris goes south. Each of them have a machine gun in their hand. Josh informs everyone that he hasnt found anything yet. He finds CS's along the way and starts shooting them. Chris says he hasnt found anything either. He finds a blade on the ground and it turns out it belongs to the masked man. He takes the blade just in case. As he goes further he finds something. In front of him are a row of trees. He then realizes that the trees form a triangle and happily informs everyone. They all come rushing to Chris. They found the clue but they didnt know what to do. Jessica walks forward and feels metal on the floor. She bangs it again to confirm and its metal. She brushes off the snow to reveal a button. Josh pulls out his phone to record and tells Jessica to push it. She pushes it and the whole ground starts shaking and a giant mansion comes out of the ground. Sam goes in first and she opens the door. Inside the mansion, there is no floor to get to the other side, so everyone climbed over the ceiling beams. They find a room that says "RESTRICTED" in bold letters. Mike, for the third time, kicks the door down and they find an ancient treasure room.  Everyone is amazed by it and they all look around. Sam gazes upon a yellow gem. She picks it up and puts it in her bookbag. Josh begins snapping pictures and recording around the room. Chris finds a very bright red jewel in the far middle of the room. He slowly gets close to it and carefully removes it from the pedastol. At first he is relieved because nothing bad happens, but 3 seconds later, the whole place strarts rumbling and a giant CS emerges from the shadows. Chris screams and throws the jewel to Sam and they all run. The place begins to crawl with more CS's. Josh shoots all of them down while everyone escapes. He tries shooting the giant one but it grabs Josh and throws him across the room into a wall. He retaliates, grabs his gun and runs after everyone else. The room starts collapsing because of all the CS's. As they are about to make it to the exit, The Masked Man shows up and grabs Josh, bringing him back in. Josh begins fighting him. He punches him in the face and kicks him in the stomach. The man punches him straight in the face, making him bleed and slashes his leg. Josh gets up and agrily charges at him and throws him at the wall. He grabs his lighter and burns the curtains next to the man, causing him to catch on fire. The place starts exploading and Josh begins to run to the exit. Everyone screams his name to run faster, but as Josh jumps to the exit, the place collapses on him, crushing him to death. Everyone looks at it in shock and in horror. Chris begins to tear a little as he gazes at the destruction and the blood. The ground underneath the rest starts cracking. Chris tells them not to move, but Jessica accidentally takes a step and the ground breaks open, dropping all of them. They all fall into the giant hole and as their falling, more CS's emerge from the shadows, trying to slash them. Chris pulls out his machine gun and shoots down the CS's but more begin to show up. On the bottom of their fall appears the giant CS from before. As its about to swallow the gang whole, a wall breaks from the side, and shows a slightly beaten figure. Everyone looks at it with a surprise facial expression and it reveals to be Josh. He leaps and punches the giant CS in the face make it fall to the ground. Josh grabs Chris and breaks open the left wall to outside. He grabs rope from his holster and latches everyones hand to them and pulls them up.



  • Two references from Until Dawn are in the movie
    •   The sawblade machine
    • The fact that Chris has to choose to save Ashley or Sam

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