The Haunting Of the house is a horror Directed by James Wan And Written by Leigh Whannell Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Costas Mandylor and Emily Browning and Nick Robinson and ty Simpkins and Booboo Stewart and Samuel Patrick Chu and Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith and Milla Jovovich and Tom Hiddleston and Aaron Yoo and Freddie Highmore and Jessica Alba and Cameron Bright


Cordeila Nightgale (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her Family (Costas Mandylor and Freddie Highmore And Emily Browning and Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) Move into a Manor and they found out it haunted and Cordeila takes a pregnancy test


Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cordeila Nightgale the mother of 5 children and an unborn baby and the wife of Josh and she a Countess
Costas Mandylor as Josh Nightgale the husband Of Cordeila and the father of Carl and Hannah and Jack and John and the unborn baby and the stepfather of Theodore
Freddie Highmore as Carl Nightgale the son of Cordeila and Josh
Emily Browning as Hannah Nightgale
Nick Robinson as Jack Nightgale
Ty Simpkins as John Nightgale
Booboo Stewart as Colin Keller The friend of Jack and Theodore
Samuel Patrick Chu as Theodore Coleman the Son of Russell and cordeila
Steven Yeun as Glenn Coleman
Tobin Bell as Dr.Colin Nightgale the father of Josh
Arielle Kebbel as Jenna Griffin the Friend of Cordeila and alice
Shawnee Smith as Nina Colins the mother of Cordeila
Milla Jovovich As Alice Tyler the friend of Cordeila
Tom Hiddleston as Jensen the rapist who raped Russell sister and Theodore mother and half-sister
Aaron Yoo as Sgt.Russell Coleman the older brother of Glenn and his sister got murdered by the rapist
Jessica Alba as Teen Cordeila Nightgale
Cameron Bright as Teen Josh Nightgale


  • 1.Nachtmahr - "I Believe (In Blood)" (European Version Only)
  • 2.Funker Vogt - "Date of Expiration"
  • 3.William Control - "Strangers"
  • 4.Front Line Assembly -"Stürm"
  • 5.Hourcast - "Sakkara"
  • 6.Caliban - "The Beloved and The Hatred"
  • 7.The 69 Eyes - "We Own the Night"
  • 8.Stray - "Abuse By Proxy"
  • 9.I-Exist "Fire Fly"
  • 10.Adelitas Way "Scream"
  • 11.Zombie Girl "The Darkness"
  • 12.Icon Of Coil - "Other Half of Me"
  • 13.Unter Null - "Broken Heart Cliche"
  • 14.Combichrist- "Reclamation"
  • 15.Freakangel - "My Darling Bullet"
  • 16.Leæther Strip - "The Devil's Daughter"
  • 17.Nitzer Ebb-"Never Known"
  • 18.Assemblage 23 - "Disappoint (Funker Vogt Remix)"
  • 19.Blue Stahli - "Armageddon"
  • 20.Celldweller - "Just Like You"
  • 21.Dream Recall - "Reasons To Die"


  • 1.Intro "1:34"
  • 2.Cordeila pregnant "3:20"
  • 3.Josh Find out about about the rapist "9:30"
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9.Jensen rapes Hannah "7.02"

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