The Grudge 4 is a 2015 American supernatural film and the 4th film in The Grudge franchise. The film stars Kristen Stewart, Marnette Patterson, Danielle Panabaker, Matt O'Leary, Mason Cook, David Gahllegar, Joey King, Leighton Meester, Cam Gidanet, Aimee Teegarden, Logan Browning, Thomas Dekker, Scott Porter, Jake Weary, Audriana Patridge, Barry Shabaka Henley, Lacey Chabert, Johnny Simmons, Danielle Sarve, Michelle Tanchtenberg, Julia Stiles, Chris Klein, Amanda Righetti, Ryan Merriman, Nana Visitor, Aiko Horiuchi, Yuya Ozeki, and Takashi Matsuyama.


In a large city in Illinois, A nice and normal family moves into quiet neighborhood. For the past few days they are their they start feel like stuff isn't right. Because disappearances and murders have been committed around the neighborhood and people have been saying it's been the ghost of a Japanese family that was murdered by the husband. Now the family returns as ghosts and turns anyone who gets in their way ghosts. It's up to a local resident named Casey Davis to stop this before anyone else gets harmed by the Sakei curse.


Davis Family Edit

Kristen Stewart as Casey Davis - Casey is a smart and pretty college student who was originally from New York City but moved to a large city in Illinois named Pine Hills so she can see her siblings, niece, and nephew so she can spend more time with her family. Casey is an expert at saying Japanese language and it comes in handy when she tries to reverese the Sakei curse. Her siblings names are Jenna, Hannah, Henry, and has a sister-in-law named Hannah Davis. Her niece's name is Sara Stewart and her nephew's name is Tommy Stewart. Casey has a tomboyish personality because she likes participating in guy type activities and hanging out with her guy friends. She also carries a little bit of a cowardly demeanor when she finds out that she is haunted by the ghost of a Japanese family. Her and her siblings were half-siblings of Karen and Aubrey Davis who was someone from Kayako's past.

Marnette Patterson as Jenna Davis - Jenna is the sister of Casey, Chris, and Henry who lives with her siblings in the same house. Jenna is a beautiful blonde haired woman who works as a hair stylist in Ohio where her and her family are. She has a lot of planning in her life like adventuring the world and graduating from college just like Casey. Jenna has a caring and loving personality but is always reckless and irresponsible but she tries to do her best to be perfect and organized. She mostly spends her free time for lunch, making her own art work, and spending time with her siblings mainly Hannah and Casey because she doesn't like doing guy type activities.

Danielle Panabaker as Hannah Davis - She is the sister-in-law of Jenna, Henry, and Casey Davis, the wife of Chris Davis, and the mother of Tommy and Sara Davis. Hannah is a big hearted female jock who is a young and beautiful mother to 2 children and the wife of a 29 year old man who she has dated since they were both in high school and now they are married with children. Her favorite activities are sports like volleyball or softball because she wasn't like much other girls growing up because she liked playing sports with her other friends and siblings with she was younger.

Matt O'Leary as Henry Davis - He is the brother of Chris, Casey, and Jenna Davis who is a fun spirited 25 year old male jock who has a lot in common with his sister-in-law, Hannah Davis. Henry has a cool and party going personality because he likes doing fun things and participating in his friends ideas. Henry is also nerdy in a loveable way because he likes discovering and learning new things everyday. His favorite activities are doing sports like football and lacrosse because he was obsessed with sports when he was a child and all his friends loved sports as much as he does.

Mason Cook as Tommy Davis - Tommy is the 10 year old son of Hannah and Chris Davis and the older sister of Sara Davis. Tommy is a childish elementary school student who has a close friendship with his sister, Sara Davis because they like playing games with eachother. Tommy is usually playing outside with the other neighborhood kids with his sister after doing his homework. He loves introducing himself to other kids because he loves making new friends everyday even if it's a bad day for him because he has a big heart and is very loving.

David Gahllegar as Chris Davis - He is the brother of Henry, Casey, and Jenna Davis, the husband of Hannah Davis and the father of Tommy and Hannah Davis. Chris is a hardworking and big hearted 30 year old man who has a lot fathering techniques in his bones because he always wanted to be a father so his children can have a male role model in their life. He has an activity that he does all the time and is his favorite which is archery because he loved using a bow and arrow as a kid so he can defend his loved ones and teaches his son Tommy how to do it. He can be a self described bastard at times but is cool guy to hang out with and is super kind on the inside.

Joey King as Sara Davis - She is the 9 year old sister of Tommy Davis, the daughter of Chris and Hannah Davis, and the niece of Casey Davis. Sara is a girly elementary school student who has a close friendship with her brother, Tommy because they love playing games together and participating in each other's ideas. She mostly plays with Barbies dolls or doll houses because that is the kind of stuff she likes. She is always nice to people even if they are mean to her back she tries to get on their good side. All that Sara likes doing is playing games and hanging out with her friends.

High School Massacre Edit

Leighton Meester as Katie Peterson - She is a high school student who is a survivor of the school bus massacre which is a massacre where a bunch of high school students were killed by the ghost of the Saeki family while on driving around in the school bus in the middle of the night during the first scene of the film. She is on the cheerleader squad at her school and is a the girlfriend of a popular student at her school who is a survivor at the high school massacre named JD Michaels. Katie is described a rich and snobbish girl and that is the reason she is popular but is friendly to all her classmates even if they are unpopular.

Cam Gidanet as Harry Lucas - He is one of the students who survives at the school bus massacre, the boyfriend of Ashley Grimes, and best friends with James Keller. Harry is an 17 year old high school jock who's dream is to play with the New York Knicks and become a famous athlete. Harry has a lot of excellent sport skills and loves any kind of sport because he loved watching ball games when he was a child but also loves other kinds of things besides sports. He has the highest IQ in his class and thanks he'll get into a good college and get a good career just like his lifelong dream.

Aimee Teegarden as Ashley Grimes - She is a popular high school tomboy who has a caring and loving personality and is a victim of the school bus massacre. Ashley is the girlfriend of Harry Lucas and best friends with Danielle Jenner who will always be there for anyone in need. Ashley always has a few tricks up her sleeve like turns whatever is boring into fun things. She is always in the mood to do something fun and is super smart and even gets good grades on her report card because her and her boyfriend, Harry study together so they can get good grades then graduate from high school. Even if she has really important things to do she'll always be helpful and give people a hand at something.

Chelan Simmons as Danielle Jenner - She is best friends with Ashley Grimes who always agrees with each others activities of what they want to do and one of the victim at the school bus massacre. Danielle is a young and pretty teenage girl who cannot wait to graduate from high school, go to college to get her degree and get her future job as a famous dancer. She has a lot of things on her mind and always has some free time because she doesn't have much stuff to do besides school and homework. She has been hearing and knows the background about the ghost of the Saeki family but just wants to tell her self it is just a myth.

Logan Browning as Amber Garcia - She is a black teenager who is a survivor of the school bus massacre and is close friends with Ashley Grimes because they are both on the cheerleader squad at their school. Amber is a fun spirited and up going teen who loves to party more than anything else and at times she is always in the mood for mischief. Ever since she has joined the cheerleader squad she has been very hyper and was a self described dare devil. She is a popular and pretty teenage girl who always hangs out with the popular girls but tries to make the normal kids become popular so they be like her because she is very helpful and big hearted.

Thomas Dekker as JD Michaels - JD Michaels is best friends with James Keller and a popular high school student who is a victim of the school bus massacre. JD is a fun spirited 17 year old who is very attractive and is called by most of his friends a chick magnet because most of the girls in his school find him attractive but he cant find the girlfriend he really wants. JD is always in the mood to do something cool and sometimes whatever he does gets him into trouble or it causes mischief. JD is one of the most popular teens at his school and always has a few tricks up his sleeve just to stay a cool kid.

Scott Porter as James Keller - He is best friends with JD Michaels who is a survivor of the school bus massacre and the boyfriend of Amy Jacobs. James is a popular teen at his school just like his best friend, JD Michaels and spends his free time by joyriding in his car, listening to rock music, or hanging out with his friends and girlfriend. He has a raunchy sense of humor, can hardly take anything seriously, and at times he won't listen to what people want to say to him. James is always in a good mood because he is never happy or sad.

Jake Weary as Kyle Anderson - He is a popular teen and survivor of the school bus massacre. He is a local high school student who has a big heart and fun spirited personality. Kyle is an 18 year old student who keeps everything he owns organized and takes everything seriously and sometimes he can be to serious. Kyle has always got some free time to do anything but mostly hangs out at a skate park or somewhere outside his school but he does his homework after. Kyle is really smart but is a popular student at his school. He oust to date Amy but they broke up a month before James started dating her.

Audriana Patridge as Amy Jacobs - Amy is the girlfriend of James Keller and a survivor of the school bus massacre who is very beautiful and smart at her school. Amy is a big hearted and helpful teen who will always be their for someone because she has been helping people all her life because she helped her parents work at the soup kitchen when she was younger. Amy has a large romantic relationship with her boyfriend and nothing can tear them apart even if they get mad at each other they wont break up. Amy is 3 months pregnant with James' child and she is very proud for being a mother but unfortunately will get killed by the ghost of the Saeki family.

Barry Shabaka Henley as Mr. Laurence Reed - He is a local school bus driver and a victim of the school bus massacre. Mr. Reed is a non-humorous 60 year old man who has a dull personality and takes everything seriously. Mr. Reed was formally a Olympic athlete but he retired when he was 45 years then started his school bus job at the age of 50 when he had to drive a school bus with a bunch of teens who are raunchy, mischievous, and none of them thanks him for the ride to school instead they just kick the bus seats and make annoying noises that gets on his nerves. Laurence tried to hold in his anger but they are so annoying that he'll probably quit his job and move somewhere he'll be relaxed and doesn't have to deal with any body that bothers him.

Lewis Family Edit

Lacey Chalbert as Kelly Lewis - She is a young and beautiful 30 year old woman who is the wife of Ryan Lewis and the sister-in-law of Christopher Lewis, Megan Lewis, Julia Lewis, Rachel Lewis, Trevor Patterson, and Taylor Patterson who works as a real estate agent to support her family and is the neighbor of Davis family. Kelly is the neighbor of Casey and all her siblings who goes to her mother-in-law, Emily's funeral because she died from being haunted by the ghost of the Sakei family. Kelly is very smart and a child neuter because she is pregnant with Ryan's child and feels like she is ready to be a mother. Kelly came from a very wealthy family from California but moved to a small town in Ohio to make a new life and star fresh.

Johnny Simmons as Christopher Lewis - He is the brother of Megan Lewis, Julia Lewis, Taylor Patterson, the cousin of Rachel Lewis and Ryan Lewis, one of the nephews of Emily Lewis, and the cousin-in-law of Kelly Lewis and the brother-in-law of Trevor Patterson. Christopher is one of the people that show up at Emily's funeral and a deputy police officer in Pine Hills, Ohio and he does a really good at his job but sometimes can be loving and humorous towards his friends and family. His siblings call him CJ for short ever since they were kids now he goes by his real name Christopher because he doesnt like being called it anymore. Wants Christopher passes grad school he is going to move to Texas and start a new life where hill get married and raise a family of his own in.

Danielle Savre as Megan Lewis - She is the sister of Christopher Lewis, Julia Lewis, Taylor Paterson, the cousin of Rachel Ryan Lewis, a niece of Emily Lewis, the cousin-in-law of Kelly Lewis and the sister-in-law of Trevor Patterson. Megan Lewis is an friendly and helpful college student who looks out for her friends and relatives and either helps or listens to the problems of those around her. Unlike most of her family members she is very rich and wealthy but likes to share some of it with her siblings so she they can get enough food, hydration and shelter so any of them won't end up on the streets. Megan has heard of the Sakei curse but wont admit it to her friends or relatives because she might think they'll get scared.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Julia Lewis - She is the sister of Christopher Lewis, Megan Lewis, Taylor Patterson, the cousin of Ryan Lewis, a niece of Emily Lewis, the cousin-in-law of Kelly Lewis and the sister-in-law Trevor Patterson. Julia is a young female resident of Pine Hills, Ohio who works as a hair stylist and uses her free time for sewing and drawing pictures. Julia is one of the people that show up at Emily Lewis's funeral. She gets along with those around her but the only person she hates is her sister, Megan Lewis but Megan masters black magic and ends up cursing Julia and all her siblings the Sakei curse.

Julia Stiles as Rachel Lewis - She is the cousin of Christopher Lewis, Megan Lewis, Taylor Patterson, the brother of Ryan Lewis, the daughter of Emily Lewis, and the sister-in-law of Trevor Patterson, and Kelly Lewis. Rachel is a grad school student who shows up at her mother's funeral and works as a sign language teacher for deaf students and once she finishes deaf people sign language Rachel is going to move to another city in a few months so she can starts a fresh life and raise a family far away from any chaos or danger. Rachel has a dream off becoming a professional surfing celebrity and be far away from his sister, Megan because she finds her a bitch ever since they were kids. Rachel is very pretty and attractive and uses her sexy body to get her way.

Chris Kline as Trevor Patterson - He is the brother-in-law of Christopher Lewis, Megan Lewis, the cousin-in-law Ryan Lewis and Rachel Lewis, the nephew-in-law of Emily Lewis, and the husband of Taylor Patterson. Trevor is a hard working and sophisticated young man who has a lot of life goal plans he wants to do and he succeeded most of them. Trevor is a local business man who works really hard to make enough money for his wife and all he has always wanted a son to teach him everything he does and knows like exercising at a public gym and do chores the fun way so his son make some money to get a good education and get into a good college. Trevor is one of the people that show's up at Emily Lewis's funeral because she was like a real mother to him and she treated him like a true part of the family. Trevor is very kind and polite to those around him but his only enemy was the Sakei ghosts because he carries alittle bit of a cowardly demeanor when it comes to ghosts.

Amanda Righetti as Taylor Patterson - She is the sister of Christopher Lewis, Megan Lewis, the cousin of Ryan Lewis and Rachel Lewis, a niece of Emily Lewis, and the wife of Trevor Patterson. Taylor was originally named Taylor Lewis but once she married Trevor she was named Taylor Patterson. She is a self described stay at home wife because she does some chores around the house to keep it organized and clean and she makes all the meals for her and her husband. Taylor is very tough and strong but doesn't raise her fists unless it is a real emergency like a break in, a burglary, or if she see's someone getting brutally assaulted or killed. Taylor is deeply religious, she has never sinned in her life, and always says grace before eating the meals.

Ryan Merriman as Ryan Lewis - Ryan is the cousin of Cristopher Lewis, Megan Lewis, and Taylor Patterson, the son of Emily Lewis, the cousin-in-law of Trevor Patterson, the brother of Rachel Lewis, the husband of Kelly Lewis, and the brother-in-law of Trevor Patterson. Ryan is a business man who is a local resident of Pine Hills and has a big heart. Ryan is one of the people that show's up at Emily Lewis's funeral because his mother was very nice and loyal to him. One day when he has kids he is going to raise them the same way his mother raised him because his father divorced he mother because his father didn't want kids and he never met his father. Ryan has a funny but sometimes offensive sense of humor but will always be there for someone in need. Ryan has a very bright and caring personality because he was never violent or rude in his life but he is very strong and he only uses his violent skills for defense and for good.

Nana Visitor as Emily Lewis - She is the deceased mother of Rachel Lewis and Ryan Lewis, the aunt of Christopher Lewis, Megan Lewis, and Taylor Patterson, and the aunt-in-law of Trevor Patterson. Emily is a young and kind 50 year old woman who married an army warrior 30 years ago but divorced him when he said he didn't want any children. She had to raise Ryan and Rachel all by her self because her husband was to selfish and shallow so Emily was trying to find a stepfather for her son Ryan so he could have a male role model to make him strong and tough. Years later after cooking their favorite meals and taking good care of them, Emily is slowly dying from lung cancer but she really died by the curse of Sakei family who was cursing her with the Sakei curse but no one but Megan knows about it.

Saeki FamilyEdit

Aiko Horiuchi as Kayako Saeki - The antagonist of the film. Kayako Sakei was a young and beautiful Japanese woman who lived in a small and quiet neighborhood in Tokyo where she married a middle aged man named Takeo and had a son named Toshio Sakei who she raised them very well by cooking the meals, taking Toshio to school, and making some money to support her family. One day while she is taking Toshio to school, she falls in love with his teacher even though she is still married to Takeo but she kept her crush on Toshio's teacher in her diary so Takeo wouldn't know about it. But one day, Takeo reads her diary and knows about how she is more in love with Toshio's teacher then with him. When she comes home and catches Takeo reading her diary about her affair, Takeo brutally attacks her and then breaks several bones in her body which made her crawl down the stairs avoiding Takeo but he was right behind her. Then Takeo grabbed her neck and snapped it while their son Toshio watched with his cat. Now Kayako's ghost return to kill anyone who ever gets the curse or who ever crosses her path they'll die and then get turned into a ghost.

Yuya Ozeki as Toshio Sakei - The secondary antagonist of the film. Toshio is the ghost of an 8 year old school boy in Tokyo who had a kind and loving mother and a mentally ill father who is insane. Toshio had a normal life like any child would have except he knows about his mother's affair with his teacher but doesn't tell neither of his parents because he might think they'll get a divorce or something. Then the day his father Takeo reads his mother Kayako's diary Toshio watches his mother get killed by his father with his cat. Then Takeo notices him watching him killing Kayako then drowns Toshio and his cat in an overflowing bathtub. Then Toshio and his parent's ghost returns to haunt a local family in Ohio so they can turn every citizen into ghosts.

Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo Sakei - The tertiary antagonist of the film. Takeo is the father of Kayako Sakei and the father of Toshio Sakei who mentally ill and insane. Takeo is lazy, jobless, and ungrateful towards his wife and child and Kayako makes the money for the family. Kayako trys to make Takeo be the breadwinner but he is super selfish and reckless as a husband and father. Takeo was kind and helpful when he started dating Kayako and when the got married but he suffers mental illness that makes him mentally insane. Since Takeo has been completely abusive, Kayako had an affair with Toshio's teacher who is very kinder and nicer then Takeo which Takeo finds out when he reads Kayako's diary. When Kayako comes home and catches Takeo reading her diary, Takeo sexually assaults and beats up Kayako until he breaks most of her bones then he snaps her neck causing her to bleed to death while his son Toshio watched upstairs with his cat. Then Takeo drowns his son and cat in an overflowed bathtub and then hung his son and wife's corpses from the ceiling then committed suicide by hanging him with his son and wife. Now his ghost returns to haunt a local family in Ohio.


Mr. Laurence Reed - While he was driving with all the teenagers on the school bus he told them to calm down but they couldn't hear him. He kept getting strange phone calls and kept hearing crackling noises whenever he answered the phone then he threw his phone to the ground cracking and breaking his phone then he heard crackling noises surrounding him. Then Toshio's ghost covered the bus driver's eyes but no one could see Toshio but the bus driver. Then the bus driver crashed into a tree which made him fly through the windshield and slam his face into the tree killing him.

Ashley Grimes - Ashley was trying to get out of the bus with her friends but the door was blocked by a tree. Then saw Kayako's ghost staring at her through a bus window then the ghost disappeared. Ashley noticed long black hair coming from her hair. Then the hair wrapped around her neck strangling her and causing blood coming from her neck then she fell to the ground trying to scream but the hair was to tite around her neck. Then Ashley slowly died with blood all over her clothes.

JD Michaels - JD was trying to run but the other teens kept running uncontrollably and pushing him out of the way so they could find away out. Then he fell to the floor and tried to get up but then Kayako's hand grabbed JD's foot and crawled up to his face and then grabbed JD's head. JD was struggling to get to make Kayako let of his head but she was to then Kayako repeatedly slammed JD's head against the floorboards until he started bleeding to death and died from major blood loss and a cracked skull and then Kayako noticed the rest of the teens and was crawling towards the rest of them and killed everyone else on the bus off screen Later him and the rest of the teens in the bus were found hanging from the bus ceiling with Japanese writing carved in their chests and faces.

Emily Lewis - While Emily was in her death bed squinting and staring at the roof and could hardly say a word. Then she could hear noises coming from the room and heard a crackling noise surrounding the room. Then Toshio's pale white arm grabbed Emily's arm and held her down to her bed and then black hair started lowering onto Emily's face and then Kayako's ghost stared down at Emily and then killed Emily off screen.

Jenna Davis - While she was stripping down planning to take a bath so she can have some alone time. She passed by the bathroom mirror and saw Kayako's reflection behind her reflection and when she turned around, she saw nothing. Then she though it was her imagination. When Jenna put her leg in the pull she felt something tickle her toes and then got her foot out of the water and noticed long black hair on her feet then the whole water turned pitch black and the bathroom door closed and locked Jenna in. She was banging on the door for help but no one could hear her then Kayako's hand was on Jenna's shoulder then Kayako threw Jenna in the tub full of black water. When Jenna tried to get up, both of Toshio's hands grabbed Jenna's arms and pulled her underneath trying to drown her. Casey could hear noises coming from the bathroom and was yelling if Jenna was alright but Jenna couldn't scream because Toshio's hand covered her mouth. Then Casey pushed on the door and when she looked in the tub, it was clean and clear water but couldn't find Jenna.

Chris Davis - While Chris was walking on the sidewalk looking for Hannah, he saw a dark figure run in the alley and he went in the alley to find out what it was. Then he noticed a black cat jump on his shoulder which made him fall to the ground. Then he saw a little boy crying in the alley. Chris was shocked that the crying little boy was pale white but he walked closer to him. When Chris reached his hand out to put his hand on the boy's shoulder, the boy looked up at Chris with a sinister look and it was Toshio. Then Chris started to shake and back up a little. Then Toshio attacked, and killed Chris off screen. Later Chris was found with his eyes gouged out and his skin is pale white.

Hannah Davis - While Hannah was in the house watching TV, eating pizza, and calling Casey on the phone, she had another call on the line and then answered it. When she answered it she could only hear crackling noises and nothing else then the caller on the other line hung up on her. Then Hannah heard the crackling noises from upstairs, Hannah slowly walked up the stairs and then heard crackling noises coming from her room. Hannah opened the door very slowly and then saw nothing. Then Hannah walked by and looked in her dresser staring at her reflection, then Toshio's arms came out of the mirror and grabbed Hannah's head then killed her off screen.

Kelly Lewis - Kelly was driving home in the middle of the night after work. Kelly called Ryan to tell him she is almost home then, Ryan started breaking up and she could hear crackling noises in the background. Kelly threw her phone to the ground and started shaking in fear then she noticed black hair in her hand and that made her get scared because it wasn't her hair. Then Kelly looked in her rear view mirror and noticed Kayako in her backseat. Kelly screamed in fear and then Kayako grabbed her by the neck which made Kelly cause reckless driving and then crashed into a tree and the car bursted into flames while Kelly was inside.

Ryan Lewis - After Kelly hung up on him, He could hear Kelly screaming and pandemonium then the screaming automatically stopped. Ryan called the police to see if they could help him because he think's Kelly was killed or kidnapped. Then the phone line and the power cut out and Ryan got frightened by if someone was in the house. Then he Ryan tried to find his flashlight was to dark. Then Ryan saw the flashlight on his nightstand, he picked it up, and turned it on. When he turned around with the flashlight Kayako popped up behind him and killed him off screen.

Henry Davis - When him, Casey, Tommy, and Sara were locked inside a room by the ghosts, Kayako's ghost put the Sakei curse on all of them, Henry went for the spell book but Toshio's ghost threw it across the room. Then the whole house started to shake like an earthquake and chunks of the roof was falling on the floor. Henry tried to open the door but it was locked. Henry finally broke down the door and told everyone to run and they did. Then Henry tried to run out but Takeo walked up behind him and stabbed him in the back several times with a bowie knife while Casey, Tommy, and Sara watched and screamed in fear.

Kayako Sakei, Toshio Sakei, and Takeo Sakei - Casey ran out of her room and ran over to the kids and then told them to get out of the house and look for help and they did. Casey then called the police to report there was several murders and a house fire and she told the police to hurry. Before Casey could finish the report, Kayako's hand grabbed Casey's shoulder and then threw her into the burning room. Casey noticed the spell book is behind her and then went to the page where they can reverese the curse. Then she read the spell in Japanese language and all of the sudden the house started to shake even harder and a roof beams and other objects started to fall. Then Casey  finished the spell and the fire started spreading all over the whole house. Then Casey tried to get up but the house kept shaking. Then Casey jumped out of a nearby window and landed in the frontyard. Then Casey got up from the ground and watched the house flatten with the Sakei ghosts still inside. Later, her, Tommy, and Sara were sent away to the hospital in an ambulance. Then Kayako popped up behind Casey and grabbed her.

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