The Final Destination is the remake of the 2009 supernatural-horror film starring Steven R. McQueen, Kay Panabaker, Robbie Amell, Megan Fox, Denzel Washington, Rebecca De Mornay, Josh Duhamel, Woody Harrelson, Emanuelle Chriqui and Linden Ashby


Nick O'Bannon has a premonition in which a number of people die when McKinley Speedway collapses following a crash.


Steven R. McQueen as Nick O'Bannon

Kay Panabaker as Lori Milligan

Robbie Amell as Hunt Wynorski

Megan Fox as Janet Cunningham

Denzel Washington as George Lanter

Rebecca De Mornay as Samantha Lane

Josh Duhamel as Andy Kewzer

Woody Harrelson as Carter Daniels

Emanuelle Chriqui as Nadia Monroy

Linden Ashby as Jonathan Groves


Nadia- A tire flies out of the stadium and annihilates her

Carter- Burned to death

Samantha- A rock flies through her eye

Andy- A C02 tank explodes and flies into Andy, slicing the back half of his body through a fence

Hunt- He is trapped on the bottom of a pool and is disemboweled

Jonathan- Crushed by a tub

George- Hit by a speeding ambulance

Janet- Crushed under a semi's large wheels

Lori- She is decapitated

Nick- Crushed into a wall


Nadia Monroy

Carter Daniels

Samantha Lane

Andy Kewzer

Janet Cunningham

Hunt Wynorski

Jonathan Grove

George Lanter

Lori Milligan

Nick O'Bannon


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