The Evil is a 2015 American supernatural horror film directed by Steven Quale, the director of Final Destination 5 and produced by Craig Perry and Warren Zide, the producer of Final Destination film series. This films stars Joel Courtney, Cameron Bright, Amanda Seyfried, Ellen Wroe, Ethan Hawke, Natalie Portman, Chelsea Tavares and Courteney Cox.


A teenager boy meets a man with dark powers and secrets.


The movie opens with



Frank Linebeck, Marcus Timberlake, Rebecca Timberlake, David Crimson, Alice Linebeck, Amber Walker


  • Ralph - Stabbed 19 times with a scissor (Danielle)
  • Stella - Electrocuted after accidentally push off during argue (David)
  • Shawn - Cut his eye with ice cream scoop and hanged him down with rope (David)
  • Penelope - Cut in the neck with a knife (David)
  • Steve - Head bashed against the wall (Danielle)
  • Billy - Blow to the head with a hammer (Danielle)
  • Lewis - Beaten to death with a cricket bat (Danielle)
  • Lisa - Strangled and then neck snapped (Danielle)
  • Ashley - Bludgeoned to death with metal lamp (Danielle)
  • Danielle - Neck snapped after she fails or attempts to kill David (The Mysterious Man)


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