Taylor 'Tyler' Frederick Beck's foster son.

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Taylor Frederick
Known aliases: {{{known aliases}}}
Location: California, Los Angeles (formerly lives)
Known relatives: Beck Frederick (father)

Unnamed mother (deceased)

Jennie Frederick (paternal aunt, revived)
Taylor's Unborn Child (unborn first-child)
Ben Lynn (paternal great-uncle)

Brian West (paternal uncle)

Unnamed Step-brother (Step-brother)

Jess Reilly (wife; deceased)

Year of birth: {{{year of birth}}}
Year of death: (presumed)
Signature weapon: Sword (weapon)
First appearance: Evil One (film)
Portrayed by: Arley Swaby Sr.

Joshua Rush Pennyworth (teenaged, screen footage)
Nolberto Swaby[1] (stand in/stunts Evil One 3)

He's nearly died in Car Crash.

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