Scream is a remake of the 1996 American comedy-horror-slasher film starring Kristen Stewart, Jason Lee, KeKe Palmer, Gina Holden, Bobby Campo, Thomas Dekker, Julian Morris, Julianna Guill, Candice Accola, Michael Trevino, Richard Gere, Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman and Carrie Fisher.


Sidney Prescott has been living in trauma eversince her mother died and gets support from her closest friends. After a popular teenage girl gets killed, Sidney and her friends are targeted by a masked serial killer known as Ghostface. Now, Sidney must find out who's behind the mask. Who will survive? Who is the killer?


Kristen Stewart as Sidney Prescott

Jason Lee as Dewey Riley

Gina Holden as Gale Weathers

Julian Morris as Stu Macher

Julianna Guill as Tatum Riley

Bobby Campo as Randy Meeks

Thomas Dekker as Billy Loomis

Candice Accola as Casey Becker

Michael Trevino as Steven Orth

Richard Gere as Neil Prescott

Adam Sandler as Kenny Jones

Dustin Hoffman as Arthur Himbry

KeKe Palmer as Jenna Welles

Carrie Fisher as Maureen Prescott (flashbacks)


Maureen Prescott - Billy and Stu stab her once in her groin, twice in her side and once in her head with their hunting knives.

Steven Orth - Ghostface/Billy and Stu bind and gag Steven to a chair on Casey's porch and Billy guts him with a hunting knife.

Casey Becker - Ghostface/Stu stabs Casey once in her chest, 3 times in the stomach and guts her with his hunting knife and hangs her to a tree.

Arthur Himbry - Ghostface/Billy sabs him 4 times in the stomach and guts him with his hunting knife and hangs him on a flag pole.

Tatum Riley - Tatum tries to escape through a pet door on a garage and Ghostface/Stu activates it, which causes the garage door to lift Tatum to the top of the garage and the garage door snaps her back.

Kenny Jones - Ghostface/Stu slashes Kenny across his throat with his hunting knife.

Stu Macher - Sidney pushes a t.v. on his head and he gets electrocuted.

Billy Loomis - Sidney stabs him twice in the chest with an umbrella, Gale shoots him in the shoulder with a gun, then he gets back up for one last scare and Sidney shoots him in his forehead with a gun.


Sidney, Dewey, Gale, Randy, Jenna and Neil.

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