Santa Claus is Coming to Kill: The Return of Santa Claus is an American horror-slasher film starring Danielle Panabaker, Michelle Trachtenberg, Channing Tatum, Matthew Knight, Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, Emma Bell, Alex Pettyfer, Brittany Snow, Katie Cassidy, Leah Pipes, Jared Padalecki, Shantel VanSanten, Rumer Willis, Matt Lanter, Thomas Dekker, Taylor Lautner, Crystal Lowe and Max Theiriot


he Film Begins With Claire, Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca And Tyler Looking At The Burning Toy Shop, Claire Claire Was Stab In The Back And Falls To The Ground, Caroline Calls 911 And Claire Is Then Put In An Ambulance. Claire Wakes Up In A Hospital And Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca And Tyler Are Sitting Next To Her, The Doctor Comes In And Says She Needs To Get X-Rays And That Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca And Tyler Have To Wait. They Take Claire To The X-Ray Room, They Turn On The Lights And Santa Is Standing Right Next To Her, She Screams And Runs Out Of The Room. She Goes Back To Her Hospital Room And Sees Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca And Tyler Dead, She Runs Down The Hallway Stairs, Goes Into A Hospital Room And Hides Under A Hospital Bed. Santa Claus Enters The Rooms And Tries To Find Her, He Leaves The Room And Claire Starts Crying. Claire Is Then Pulled Out Under The Bed And Is Stabbed In The Heart. She Screams And Wakes Up From Her Nightmare, Her Mom And Dad Barge Into Her Room With Her Dad Holding A Baseball Bat, They Ask Her If She's Alright And She Says She Had A Nightmare, Her Dad Is Then Stabbed In His Chest And Her And Her Mom Scream And Run Out The House. Her Mom, Goes Into Her Friend's House And Ask To Use Her Phone. Claire's Mom's Friend Is Then Killed By Santa And Claire And Her Mom Run Out The House. Emily Hears Them Running And Lets Them Inside Her House, She Tells Them What Happen And They Tell Them That Santa Is Back. Santa Barges Into Emily's House And Claire, Emily And Diane Run Upstairs And Hide, Santa Comes Into The Room And Claire Pushes Him Out The Window. Emily Calls The Police, They Tell Them Where Santa Is They Show Them But He's Not There And Claire Crys.

One Year Later, Claire Is Finishing Her Senior Year With Emily, Nathan, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Rebecca And Tyler Along With New Friends Bree's Sister And Class President Britt Reynolds, Nancy And Addison's Sisters Ellen And Casey Dawson, Claire's Boyfriend Chris Hicks, The Tomboy Kristen Evigan, Nerdy Sally Franklin, Football Quarterback Daniel Carter, Tough Guy Ben Mitchell, Basketball Player Nelson Jackson, Daniel's Girlfriend Dana Lawson And Shy Student Richard Summers. Claire Tells Emily That She Keeps Thinking About Santa And Emily Tells Her That It Was The Past And To Let It Go, Claire Walks Home And Sees A Christmas Tree In A House And Thinks She Sees Santa, She Turns Around And He Disappears. Richard Goes Downstairs To His Kitchen To Get Food He Sees Santa In Back Of Him And He Is Stabbed In The Chest. The Next Morning, Claire Wakes Up And Diane Screams Her Name She Runs Downstairs And Her Mother Shows Her On The News That Richard Is Dead Claire Thinks That Santa Claus Might Be Still Alive After Her Last Encounter With Him. Claire Calls Emily And Tells Her That Richard's Dead And Santa Claus Might Have Killed Him, Emily Doesn't Believe Her And Tells Her That It's Not Santa And She Hangs Up. Emily Hears A Noise Downstairs And Goes To Check She Finds A Piece Of Glass On The Floor, She Turns Around And Sees Santa She Hits Him With A Piece Of Wood And Runs Upstairs, She Opens The Window And Santa Stabs Her In The Leg And She Falls Off The Roof And Onto The Ground But She Is Still Alive And Gets Up And Limps To Claire's House, She Knocks On The Door Claire Answers It, She Falls To The Ground And Diane Calls 911.

Emily Wakes Up In The Hospital With Claire, Diane And Nathan By Her Side, Nathan Gets Up And Hugs Her Claire Tells Her If Emily Saw Santa And Emily Said He Was The One That Attacked Her And Tried To Kill Her But She Escaped Before She Did. Doctor Nora Drake (Claire's Doctor In Her Nightmare) Tells Them That Emily Was Lucky She Survived Or She Would've Been Killed, Claire Asked Her If Emily Would Be Alright And Doctor Drake Said Yes She Will Heal Very Shortly And Ready To Go. Claire, Emily, Nathan And Diane Leave The Hospital And Nurse Beth Peters Escorts Them Out The Hospital. Doctor Drake Waits For Nurse Peters To Come Back And She Goes To Look For Her, She Finds Her Dead On The Floor, She Screams Sees Santa And Runs. Santa Catches Up To Her And Stabs Her In The Neck And She Falls To The Ground. Claire Turns On The News And Sees Doctor Drake And Nurse Peters' Death And Is Shocked. She Calls Caroline And Tells Her That Santa Claus Has Been Following Them The Whole Time And That He Wants To Kill Them, Caroline Tells Her That Santa Died In That Explosion And He Died There But Claire Doesn't Believe It And Hangs Up. Kristen Is On The Phone With Casey, Kristen Goes To The Kitchen And Hears The Door Open She Sees Santa Standing At The Door And He Stabs Her In The Heart And Casey Hears Her Death On The Phone And Reports It To The Police. Claire Is Called By Casey And Casey Tells Her The Whole Story And Runs To Ellen And Casey's House. Dana And Daniel Are Having Sex, Dana Is Then Stabbed In Back Several Times, Michael Trys To Escape But Is Decapitated With An Axe. Claire Is Driving To Ellen And Casey's House, She Gets A Call From Dana's Phone Answers It And Santa Says To Her That He Killed Dana And Michael And That He Is At Ellen And Casey's House. Claire Drives Faster And Is At Ellen And Casey's House. Claire Tells Them That Santa Is Here, They Hear Footsteps, Claire Grabs A Baseball Bat And Claire, Ellen And Casey.

Claire, Ellen And Casey See A Door Open They Go Into The Room And Santa Pops Out And Attacks Casey. Santa Turns Around And Claire Hits Him In The Face With The Baseball Bat And The Three Girls Hide In Another Room. They Hear Santa Walking And He Stops Walking, Casey Takes A Listen And Santa Stabs A Knife Through The Door And The Girls Open A Window And Escape The House. Claire And Diane Let Ellen And Casey Sleep At There House. When Diane Goes To Bed She Hears Something Land On The Roof And Tells The Girls They Go Close To A Window And Santa Breaks Through The Window And The Four Of Them Run Out The House And They Sleep At Emily's House. At School, Claire Runs Into Tyler And She Tells Him That Santa Attacked Her, Diane, Ellen And Casey. Tyler Tells Claire That Santa Died In The Explosion. He Trys To Make Her Calm Down, Claire Tells Tyler She Had A Nightmare About Santa Claus. Sally Tells Claire If She Wants To Have A Sleepover At Her House With Her And Claire Accepts. Sally And Claire Are Watching Friday The 13th And Are Laughing, Sally Tells Her That She Is Glad To Have Her As A Bestfriend, Claire Smiles And They Both Fall Asleep. Claire Hears A Glass Break And Trys To Tell Sally But She's Not There And Goes To Check For Herself. Claire Walks Down The Stairs, Goes To The Kitchen And Finds Santa Stabbing Sally To Death With A Piece Of Glass. Claire Screams And Runs Out Of The House Before Santa Can Kill Her. Diane Hears A Knock At Emily's Door And Grabs A Pan And Goes Closer And Opens It To Find Claire At The Door Crying And Claire Hugs Her. The Next Day, Claire, Emily, Dylan. Heather, Caroline, Rebecca, Tyler, Britt, Ellen, Casey, Chris, Ben And Nelson Are Having A Party. Claire And Chris Kiss, Britt Tells Them To Play Truth Or Dare And She Asks Claire And She Picks Dare, Britt Dares Her To Kiss Ben And They Do. Chris Tells Ben To Not Enjoy It And They All Start Laughing.

Claire Tells Nelson Truth Or Dare He Picks Dare She Dares Him To Make Out With Ellen And They Do And They All Enjoy It. Ben Goes Outside To Smoke And Hears A Noise In The Bushes And Goes To Check It Out, Santa Stabs Him In The Back With An Axe. Claire Asks Where Ben Is And Ben's Body Is Thrown Threw The Window And They All Run. Ellen Hides Under A Bed And Is Pulled Out And Stabbed In Eye. Casey Goes To Look For Ellen And Finds Her In The Room Dead, Casey Falls To The Ground Crying. Claire, Emily, Dylan, Heather, Caroline, Tyler, Nathan, And Chris Hide In The Basement. Santa Opens The Basement Door, Walks Down The Stairs And Searches For Them, He Finds Them And Stabs Chris In The Head And Stabs Tyler In The Throat. Rebecca, Britt And Nelson Hide In The Attic And Find Claire, Nathan, Emily, Dylan, Caroline And Heather Running In The Hallway And Lets Them All Up. Caroline Listens For Santa And She Is Stabbed Through Her Cheek And They All Scream. Rebecca Trys To Hit Santa With A Wooden Stick But He Stops It And Is Stabbed Through Her Head With It And They All Run Out Of The Attic And Out Of The House. Santa Follows Them And They All Barge Into The Emily's House And Claire, Diane And Emily Close The Door On Santa And Lock It. Santa Stabs His Knife Through The Door And Breaks Down The Door. Heather Is Then Killed When Santa Forces Her Head On An Axe And Dylan Is Thrown Around The Room. Claire Tells Them All To Run Upstairs. Claire Runs To The Kitchen Grabs A Knife And Stabs Him In The Head And Santa Rips Out The Knife And Claire Runs. Claire Runs And Bangs On The Door The Friends Are Hiding In And They Let Her In, Santa Breaks Down The Door And All Of Them Hide, He Looks For Them, They Pop Out And Try To Kill Him. Diane Stabs Him In The Chest, Britt Stabs Him In The Eye, Nathan Stabs Him In The Back, Nelson Stabs Him In The Chest, Emily Stabs Him In The Back And Claire Stabs Him In The Heart But He Still Alive. Casey Comes In With A Shotgun And Shoots Him Several Times And He Falls Out The Window And Breaks His Neck. Claire, Emily, Nathan, Diane, Casey, Britt And Nelson Escape The House And Casey Sets Him On Fire And They Drive Away Into The Sunset.


Danielle Panabaker as Claire Flynn

Michelle Trachtenberg as Emily Foster

Channing Tatum as Nathan Parks

Matthew Knight as Dylan Cassidy

Emma Stone as Heather Thompson

Rooney Mara as Caroline Benson

Emma Bell as Rebecca Benson

Alex Pettyfer as Tyler Carson

Courteney Cox as Diane Flynn

Brittany Snow as Britt Reynolds

Katie Cassidy as Ellen Dawson

Leah Pipes as Casey Dawson

Jared Padalecki as Chris Hicks

Shantel VanSanten as Kristen Evigan

Rumer Willis as Sally Franklin

Matt Lanter as Daniel Carter

Thomas Dekker as Ben Mitchell

Taylor Lautner as Nelson Jackson

Crystal Lowe as Dana Lawson

Max Theiriot as Richard Summers

David Arquette as Patrick Flynn

Keri Russell as Judy Ross

Jamie King as Doctor Nora Drake

Marley Shelton as Nurse Beth Peters


Rebecca Benson- Stabbed In Head (Claire's Nightmare)

Caroline Benson- Eyes Goughed Out (Claire's Nightmare)

Tyler Carson- Throat Slit (Claire's Nightmare)

Nathan Parks- Tongue Cut Out (Claire's Nightmare)

Dylan Cassidy- Stabbed In Heart (Claire's Nightmare)

Heather Thompson- Decapitated (Claire's Nightmare)

Emily Foster- Hanged (Claire's Nightmare)

Claire Flynn- Stabbed In Heart (Claire's Nightmare)

Patrick Flynn- Stabbed In Chest

Judy Ross- Stabbed In Head

Richard Summers- Stabbed In Chest

Nurse Beth Peters- Throat Slit

Doctor Nora Drake- Stabbed In Neck

Kristen Evigan- Stabbed In Heart

Dana Lawson-

Daniel Carter-

Sally Franklin-

Ben Mitchell-

Ellen Dawson-

Chris Hicks-

Tyler Carson-

Caroline Benson-

Rebecca Benson-

Heather Thompson-

Dylan Cassidy-

Santa Claus-


Claire, Emily, Nathan, Diane, Britt, Casey and Nelson

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