Psychic Ones is a 2016 dark comedy-horror film directed by TBA.


A psychic widower with her daughter who can both have the power to see ghosts finds out that the house is haunted. Will they found out that ghosts are real or not?




  • TBA as Fiola, a widower whose husband is a ghost who died from drunk driving
  • TBA as Amber, Fiola's daughter who can see ghosts
  • TBA as Anna-Rose, Amber's childhood friend from school


  • TBA as Stevie, a boy ghost who died in a fire who loves Amber
  • TBA as Gregory, Fiola's husband who is a ghost who died from drunk driving
  • TBA as Richard, a ghost who passed away from leukemia haunts Fiola and Amber's house
  • TBA as Trevor, a ghost who died from a car accident years ago
  • TBA as Eleanor, a ghost who died from being burned at a stake
  • TBA as Vivenne, a ghost who died from falling down the stairs who haunts Fiola's office
  • TBA as Death, an evil ghost who wants to steal souls and the main antagonist of the movie
  • TBA as TBA, Death's assistant


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