Paranormal Secrets is a 2015 supernatural dark comedy-horror film directed by Peter Jackson, director of the Frighteners.


A girl discovers a darkest secret that she is a 10-year-old exorcist and psychic medium. She contacted the dead along with her victims, who were ghosts.



  • TBA as Misty Carter
  • TBA as Jamie Carter
  • TBA as Winston Park
  • TBA as Helen Northwest
  • TBA as Saxon Northwest, Helen's older sister, who beccame a preteen as a psychic medium
  • TBA as Charlie White
  • TBA as Penelope Whintmore
  • TBA as Rachel "Rae-Rae" Finster
  • TBA as Steven Roe
  • TBA as James van der Parkton
  • TBA as Lucas Stern
  • TBA as Madame LaFey


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