Paranormal Activity 4 is a 2012 American supernatural horror film directed by Tod Williams and written by Michael R. Perry. Starring Katie Featherston, Abigail Breslin, Sprague Grayden, Brian Boland, Crystal Lowe , Molly Ephraim, Connor Gibbs, and Ellen Wroe.


This movie acts as another prequel prior to the events of the first 2 movies. Ali Rey and her friend, Chloe Cooper start to discover paranormal events taking place in both of their homes. They do research on ghosts and demons and discover that they both have unfinished business in their paths. Kristi and Daniel Rey adopt an orphan child and discover that he brought something into their home.


The movie open with


Katie Featherston as Herself/Kristi's sister and Daniel's sister-in-law.

Abigail Breslin as Chloe Cooper/Ali's best friend since childhood

Sprague Grayden as Kristi Rey/Katie's sister.

Brian Boland as Daniel Rey/Kristi's husband and Ali's dad.

Crystal Lowe as Abigail Nightingale/Chloe's next door neighbor

Meagan Good as Karima Dansby/Katie's best friend

Molly Ephraim as Ali Rey/Daniel's and Kristi's daughter

Connor Gibbs as Thomas Rey/Daniel's and Kristi's adopted son

Ellen Wroe as Samantha Cooper/Chloe's sister

Trailer #1Edit

Voice: This audience was the first to see Paranormal Activity 4.

Chloe: How is their paranorml events taking place in both of our homes.

Chloe: Hunter, you are geting so much bigger.

( something moves Hunter )

( Chloe screams )

( Audience screams )

Katie: What are you doing here?

Kristi: Leave me alone.

Daniel: Everybody needs to just relax.

Ali: Something just attacked me.

Chloe: I think I just had a seizure.

Abigail: I've seen things like this before. I think you staying in this house is going to make this worse.

Katie: I'm leaving this house right now.

Chloe: Katie, don,t

(Katie and Chloe scream)

( Katie and Chloe gets levitated up to the ceiling )

( Audience screams )

Kristi: I don't want to be here anymore.

Ali: I just want to go back home.

( All of the doors bang shut )

Kristi: What was that.

Daniel: It's ok.

( Something pushes Kristi on to her bed )

( Audience screams )

Voice: Paranormal Activity 4.


Daniel Rey/Katie snaps Daniel's neck

Kristi Rey/Katie throws Kristi against a camera

Abigail Nightingale/Katie slashes Abigail across her throat with a kitchen knife

Katie/Katie slashes her own throat with a kitchen knife

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