Orphan 5 is a Psychological horror thriller film




  • AnnaSophia Robb as Hermione McDonnell a.k.a Sophie Klammer/Esther's half sister and the main character
  • Isabelle Furham as Esther Sissy-Jones-Coleman, a.k.a Leena Klammer-McDonnell/The killler
  • Rene Russo as Rachel Klammer/Esther and Hermione's mother
  • Keke Palmer as Hallie Jones/Hermione's best friend and Esther former foster sister
  • Vera Farmiga as Kate Coleman/Lucy, Daniel and Max's mom
  • Jimmy Bennett as Daniel Coleman/Kate's son
  • Ellen Wroe as Lucy Coleman/Esther's former foster sister
  • Aryana Engineer as Max Coleman/Kate's daughter
  • Jaden Smith as Fredro Jones/Hallie's brother
  • Willow Smith as Saria Jones/Halle's sister
  • Nico Tictorolla as Luke Cooper/Hermione's ex-boyfriend



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