In the year 2011, At Grennhull College, Two college girls target and bully a girl named Dawn. the bullies known as Sarah and Leanne were known to bully Dawn for months on end, Leanne threatens Dawn that she will break into her house at night and murder her. Frightened Dawn runs away leaving the bullies in laughter. The next night, a nervous Dawn returns to college to find out from other college students that Leanne died in her sleep (the same night she was suppose to kill Dawn), Baffled by the sudden death of Leanne, Sarah blames Dawn for her friends death and manages to turn everyone against her.Edit
Whilst at home living with her boyfriend Antony, she reveals about her bulling to him, However, he ignores her truth and hits her with a beer bottle and walks out. Upset, the police arrive. Dawn is taken in for questioning over Leanne's demise and discovers that she was murdered and she was framed for the murder. Believing Sarah was the one who framed her, Dawn went over to her house to confront her, however, Sarah was nowhere to be found.Edit
After a few days, the police returned again to discover that Sarah was involved in a fatal car accident around midnight, her brakes were cut. Dawn was immediatly arrensted for both murders. The next day, Dawn's college friend Dan tells the officers that Dawn was innocent.Edit

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