Nicholas Garham
Known aliases: Deputy Nicholas Garham
Location: 19 Burkittsville Lane
Known relatives:  :Elizabeth Collins (Goddaughter)
Andrew Collins (godson)
Matthew Collins (godson)
Jackson Collins (godson)
Year of birth: 26 March 1965
Year of death:
Signature weapon: Gun
First appearance: Blair Witch 3:The Legend of Elly Kedwards
Portrayed by: Robert Mann

Nicholas Garham is a Character in Blair Witch 3:The Legend of Elly Kedwards and Blair Witch 4:The Execution of Rustin Parr and is played by Robert Mann



the town people said rustin parr is out there somewhere he kidnapped Kyle Brody and Emily Hollands and and Eileen Treacle and someother children (talking to Seymour and Jessica)

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