These are a list of deaths in The Fanon Series of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series.

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreEdit

  • Sophie- Back Sliced open with Chainsaw
  • Michael- Throat Slit with Chainsaw
  • Natalie- Sliced in half with Chainsaw
  • Teresa- Arm Cut off with Chainsaw
  • Dean- Cut in Stomach with Chainsaw
  • Mason- Cut in penis with Chainsaw
  • Megan- Chainsaw implanted in head
  • "Leatherface"- Set on fire

The Revenge of Leatherface; Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2Edit

  • 2 Tourists- Devoured with Chainsaw
  • Gil- Slashed in chest several times with Chainsaw
  • Audrey- Head chopped off with Chainsaw
  • Taylor- Eyes slit with Chainsaw
  • Bo- Attacked with Chainsaw (Offscreen)
  • Jon- Gutted with Chainsaw
  • Linny- Gutted with Chainsaw
  • Vincente- Stomach cut with chainsaw, liver ripped out
  • Chelan- Hanged, Head sliced with chainsaw
  • Alvin- Chainsaw went thru throat
  • Oliver- Chainsaw thrown at Back of head
  • Lizzie- Pushed onto ground, Deep cut in upper back by chainsaw
  • Murodbek- Cut in chest with Chainsaw
  • "Leatherface"- Slit in Lungs with Chainsaw

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D (or Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3)Edit

  • Henry- Chainsaw cut thru side of body
  • Nissa- Stomach cut with Chainsaw
  • Jimmy- Shoulders slashed with Chainsaw, Head dunked in toilet
  • Mario- Chainsaw sliced thru back
  • Britney- Chainsaw slashed in ankles 1 time, and in throat 2 times
  • Seth- Slashed in middle of face (Offscreen)
  • "Leatherface"- Beaten up by nunchucks by Seth and Stabbed with knife 5 times by Harriet

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre IVEdit

  • Old Man- Blown up by Bomb
  • Junior- Electrocuted, Collapsed
  • Lyndsey- Grabbed and sliced in half with Chainsaw
  • Austin- Back slashed with Chainsaw
  • Aaron- Strangled on Chain wall, Chainsaw slashed several times in face
  • Candice- Slashed in half with Chainsaw
  • Timmy- Scalp Torn with Chainsaw
  • Vicky- Grabbed, Chained to wall, Mouth Slashed with Chainsaw (Offscreen)
  • Alyson- Handcuffed to chair, Chainsaw cut thru neck
  • Jeremy- Leg cut off with Chainsaw
  • "Leatherface"- Stomach sliced open with knife

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre V; Cruel Chainsaw MassacreEdit

Airing this December!

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