Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral is a 2016 Slasher Horror film that will be the 3rd film in the Jeepers Creepers franchise. The film stars Gina Phillips, Chandler Riggs, Johnathan Breck, Mark Wahlberg, Ansel Elgort, Madison Riley, Danielle Panabaker, Darren Criss, Arlen Escarpeta, Alexz Johnson, Kellan Lutz, Alex Pettyfer, Nico Tortorella, Dennis Quaid, Adam Brody, Marnette Patterson, Ray Wise, Luke Edwards, Patricia Belcher, and Justin Long.


A young local woman named Trish Jenner, has been traumatized and depressed ever since the kidnapping and death of her older brother, Darry. Now she is a wealthy and more nicer woman who has a teenage son named Darry who is named after his deceased uncle. Darry, Trish, and Trish's husband, Bryan Mason move into a large mansion with a big open field and a pool for Spring Break. When they move into the mansion, Trish finds out that a group of teenagers have disappeared in her area while going a road trip and she thanks it's the creature that took her brother named The Creeper. The Creeper is a winged creature that survives on humans body parts and organs. Trish makes n alliance with 2 local farmers that have seen The Creeper. Meanwhile, They are getting picked off and eaten by the creature that took Trish's brother years ago.


Gina Phillips as Trish Jenner - Trish is a smart and pretty middle aged woman who is wealthy and smart. Trish is someone from the creeper's past who has been traumatized and depressed ever since the mysterious death and kidnapping of her older brother, Darry Jenner. Now she is a changed woman who married a man and had a kid with him named Darry who is named after his deceased uncle. On the Spring Break of 2015, She moves into a large mansion with her husband and son so her son can have a wealthy and non violent life. Later on Spring Break she has a nightmare about her son suffering the same fate as her brother. Meanwhile when they get there, Trish finds out that a group of teenagers have disappeared in the area she's in while on a road trip. Then she makes an alliance with 2 farmers that have seen the winged creature and are out to find it for eating and kidnapping a relative of theirs. Later that day she finds out The Creeper has returned to find Trish and is looking for her son, Darry but Trish wont let that happen.

Chandler Riggs as Darry Jenner - Darry is a 13 year old boy who is named after his deceased uncle which he never met. Darry is a shy but big hearted teen who is only comfortable around his parents. Darry is mostly quiet and plays on his video game consults. He has no friends because he's different and is quiet. During the Spring Break of 2015, Him and his parents move to a large mansion with a big open field and a large swimming pool. When he moves to the mansion, His mother finds out that The Creeper has returned for Darry. He tries to escape The Creeper but it wont rest until he takes Darry. But his mother wont let that happen. He has is really tough but carries a little bit cowardly demeanor when it comes to fighting the creeper.

Johnathan Breck as The Creeper - The antagonist of the film. The Creeper is a creature over 1,000,000 years old that only survives by eating human organs. It is unknown how this thing was formed but it is revealed to be a dangerous hell demon. During the day it pretends to be a local man that drives an old 1940s rusted brown truck with a license plate that says BEATNGU and dresses up in a brown fedora, brown overcoat, brown pants, a brown shirt, and uses an axe and it's sharp teeth as it's favorite weapon. But reveals its true creature identity at night. No one has ever tried to stop it and if someone tried to stop The Creeper, It would never work. On the Spring Break of 2015, It returns for Trish's son, Darry but it first kidnapped a group of teens that were on a road trip in the area it's in. If someone enters his territory they we'll be caught in a twisted game of Cat and Mouse when The Creeper picks off people and eats a certain thing from their body. The Creeper tried to kill Trish in the first film and now it returns for her son Darry. The Creeper wont stop until he catches Darry.

Mark Wahlberg as Richard Stevens - The secondary antagonist of the film. He is the abusive husband of Trish Jenner and the neglectful father of Darry. He is an abusive 40 year old who only married Trish for her money and he never wanted a child. Trish is to afraid to divorce him because she thanks she might beat her so hard she'll die. When he has a problem, He always takes his anger out on Darry or Trish. Bryan is very tough and fearless but his only fear is the Creeper. Richard is completely arrogant, cranky and he sits back being extremely lazy, ungrateful and selfish while his wife is the money maker and pays the bills. The reason he is so abusive and mean because he grew up in a bad neighborhood with a bunch of thugs and irresponsible, abusive parents and that is where he got his personality. He is not very smart mature and doesn't give Darry a male role model. There is a 50% chance that Trisha will divorce Richard and marry someone else so Darry can have a better male role model in his life so her son can make the right decisions because she is tired of listening to his complaints. He is very tough and strong and could beat anyone up that gets in his way and only uses his fighting techniques for evil and wickedness instead of good.

Ansel Elgort as Trevor - He is the leader of the group of teens and the boyfriend of Amanda who takes all his friends on a road trip around large fields in Southern Florida. Trevor is a smart and serious teen who loves taking his friends on long car trips in the country. Trevor always takes things to seriously and is very uptight about his things especially his mini van that he takes his friends around with that he takes his friends on road trips with. Trevor is a tough spirited boy who tries to fit in with his friends activities but it always annoys him. He is a really bore and snobbish teen that doesn't like his friends taking stuff to far. He hates it when his friends do stuff in his van that he hates like reckless partying, leaving unwashable stains in the seats of his car and the thing he hates the most is when his friends try to drive his van because he might think they'll put bad gasoline in his van, make the engine brake down or break the windshield and Trevor doesn't like spending a lot of money.

Madison Riley as Amanda - She is the girlfriend of Trevor and best friends with Cassidy who is a part of her boyfriend's road trip around the big open roads of Southern Florida. Amanda is a fun spirited and pretty teen who tries to show her boyfriend how to have a good time and works her very hardest. Amanda always participates in her friends activities and always fits in with her friends ideas even if it causes trouble. Amanda has beautiful blonde hair and does really girly stuff. All that Amanda wants to do is have fun and party more than anything else. For her childhood, she has traveled the whole world in several countries like Japan, England, India, and New York City where she learned a lot of different cultures, languages and clothing. She loves showing off her sexy body during the warm times of the season because she is described every man's dream because most men find her super attractive, but at times she gets really bitchy.

Danielle Panabaker as Cassidy - Cassidy is best friends with Amanda and the girlfriend of Jeremy. Cassidy is a smart and pretty teen who loves tagging along on Trevor's journeys around South Florida. She is a self described tomboy who likes hanging around her guy friends and participating in guy type activities but likes doing girly things at times as well. Her only skills and hobbies are doing reckless and party going things even if it bothers those around her. All she likes doing is breaking the rules and getting involved in her friends activities but she has a really big heart and will always be there for a friend or family member.

Darren Criss as Jeremy - He is the girlfriend of Cassidy and one of the best friends of Trevor who tags along . Jeremy is a suave womanizer teen who always has his eyes on his girlfriend, Cassidy. Jeremy is a self described dare devil who likes doing dangerous stunts and getting involved with peer pressure. He always gets those around him in trouble and always blames them for it but at times he has a big heart. Jeremy is always in a party urge and is always in a good mood never upset or mad.

Arlen Escarpeta as Nathan - Nathan is a close friend of Trevor's who tags along on his road trip around Southern Florida. Nathan is a black teenager who is very loyal about his racial heritage. Nathan is a raunchy football player who likes playing nothing but sports and getting involved with his friends ideas. Nathan has been hearing the murders that have been going on the area him and his friends are in and never tells his friends about it until they all hear about the murders on the radio during their road trip. Nathan is a fun mooded person who likes to do things that might cause him and those around him to get in trouble. He always likes to be in a good mood because he was never in a bad mood and he always says turn that frown up-side-down because when he sees someone sad, angry or having a bad day he always wants to show them how to have a fun day and

Alexz Johnson as Rachel - She is a close friend of Trevor who tags along on his journey to go on a road trip around a big open road in Southern Florida. Rachel is a girly teenager who likes embarking on Trevor's journeys because she has a crush on Trevor but won't admit it to her friends and doesn't really like Di because she is dating Trevor but is always loyal to her other friends. Rachel is a really pretty girl who has an up going personality because has always has some tricks up her sleeve and likes showing her friends how to have a good time.

Kellan Lutz as Nick - Nick is best friends with Trevor who likes embarking on his journeys and road trips. Nick is a nerdy teen but in a lovable way. He likes doing mathematics, science, and physics industry but at times likes participating in his friends fun spiriting ideas. Nick has a hilarious sense of humor that can be sometimes offensive to people around him but has a big heart and will always be there for all his friends and family. He does any reckless or irresponsible thing he wants to do whenever he wants to do it.

Alex Pettyfer as Paul - He is a friend of Trevor's who is always there when someone is needed. Paul tries to spend time with his friends and family but he has a lot of homework and has an and is revealed to have an after school job but during vacations, holidays, and breaks he has a lot of time to spend time with them. During Spring Break, He goes with all his friends on a road trip in an RV with all his friends. Paul is a hard working teen who only works for money and trying to help his family to not end up on the streets and helps them make enough money for food.

Nico Tortorella as David - He is friends of Trevor's who likes participating in his friends activities and is one of the people that goes on Trevor's road trip around the fields of Southern Florida. David is a sophisticated 18 year old teen who likes hanging out with his friends and coming up with activities to use for his free time and he always has time for anything and he always likes to the fun stuff of things. David has nothing but free time he always wants to have fun with his friends and family but at times he can get on people's nerves. David is very friend and is a ladies man who likes flirting with teenage girls but can never find the girl of his dreams because he keeps saying no woman is perfect`

Dennis Quaid as Sheriff Woodley - Sheriff Woodley is the sheriff who works really hard to keep his county a less chaotic place. He is first seen stopping the group of teens to make a drug and alcohol search but the teens hide it from him. He is later found investigating Trish's house for the disappearance of her husband with 2 of his officers. Sheriff Woodley looks for criminals in and out of town so he can be a hero for doing a good deed for everyone and be remembered for something good;

Adam Brody as Officer Ford - He is one of the officers who assists on Sheriff Woodley's police investigations. Officer is a serious and non humorous police officer who is the boyfriend of Officer Charlene. At times he can be a little humorous but mostly takes all his possessions and everything he does seriously. Officer Ford always carries around emergency items in the backseat of his car like mace, tazers, and guns so incase he can defend him self. During his breaks he orders carry out food and watches MTV with his buddies.

Marnette Patterson as Officer Charlene - She is a beautiful and pretty 30 year old woman who works is the girlfriend of Officer Ford. Charlene has beautiful perky blonde haired woman and has a tomboyish personality because she enjoys doing guy type activities and learned how to use a gun at a young age and that's why she is a police officer. All that she likes doing is driving around with her boyfriend to look for crimes in and out of the county just like the sheriff.

Ray Wise as Jack Tarragart Sr. - Jack is a local 60 year old farmer who has seen The Creeper and is out to kill it. Jack is the father of a 37 year old man who has the same name as him and a troublemaking teenager who was a victim of The Creeper. Jack is 69 years old and is awfully shy and quiet. His only life goal is to find the monstrous bizarre monster that took his youngest son. He knows and has known that The Creeper is still out their looking for certain victims to eat their insides. When ever he sees someone in the area he's in now he warns them and tells them to go back but most people don't believe him like the group of teens that disappeared. Day and night he listens to the radio about the disappearances that have been going on the area.

Luke Edwards as Jack Tarragart Jr. - He is a local farmer who is the father of a farmer who has the same name and the older brother of a troublemaking teenager who was a victim of The Creeper 15 years ago. Jack is always outside working hard for meals and money. When he plows in the cornfield he always ends up finding weapons and remains of dead bodies and ends up reporting to the police about it but can't find the crook that has been leaving these things in the fields. Just like his father he thanks is the creature from his past, The Creeper and is a doomsayer. He won't rest until he catches the winged boogeyman who took his brother.

Patricia Belcher as Jazel Gay Hartman - Jazel is a doomsaying 55 year old psychic woman who once met Trish, Darry, and The Creeper and she knows all the background about the . Jazel is a psychic who can see the future of whatever is around her. Jazel is a lonely black female woman who lives in a Winnebago with a dog but is out on a journey to warn people that enter The Creeper's area to turn back and that is not safe before they die in the hands of The Creeper. It is revealed that she leaves a loaded gun in her trunk so incase she finally has the urge to kill The Creeper.

Justin Long as Darry Jenner - He is the deceased older brother of Trish who was kidnapped, eaten and murdered by The Creeper 15 years ago and his body never found after that but he is still on the search. He is also the brother-in-law of Trish's husband, Bryan and the uncle of Trish's son who has the same name as him. On the Spring of 2001 when he went on a road trip with Trish to go see their parents for Spring Break, He suffered a horrible fate from the winged creature and the front half of his body was left and his eyes was gouged out and eaten by The Creeper. His sister is still out there looking for the beast that killed him many years ago and he always had a close friendship with his sister. Darry would've been super happy to see Trish raising a family of her own.


Trevor - After Trevor's van was driving uncontrollably in a large cornfield, the van crashed in a tree and then they all breathed heavily after they had an encounter with the Creeper's truck. Then the Creeper's truck parked behind the van and they were all yelling at the Creeper saying insults for nearly killing them. Then the Creeper slowly walked out of the truck and walked to the van holding a large axe but they couldn't see his face. Then when Trevor tried to start the car the Creeper slashed one of the tires and then all of a sudden the Creeper went underneath the van and they could hear it crawling. The noise stopped for a few seconds before the Creeper punched through Trevor's window. Then the Creeper started strangling Trevor until he started ripping Trevor's intestines out and ate them while his friends watched and screamed in fear then the Creeper dragged Trevor's corpse out of the van and ate him off screen.

Amanda - Amanda kicked the Creeper in the face and then locked her door. Then the Creeper walked on the windshield and onto the roof. They all were trying to unlock the doors and run out of the van but the Creeper punched through the ceiling and grabbed Amanda's head she was struggling to get out but the Creeper was to strong then the Creeper ripped Amanda's head then ate it. The rest of Amanda's body landed onto Rachel's lap.

Nathan - Nathan gave several crow bars and wrenches to his friends and he got a handgun from a small metal box underneath Trevor's seat and they all went out of the van waiting for the Creeper to come out. Nathan was the last one to get out the van and heard noises coming from the cornfield. He made a quit shot into the cornfield and the noise stopped. The Creeper walked up behind him in silence and tackled him to the grass then started ripping out his insides with it's sharp teeth and eating them but before he died he threw the gun to his friends and Paul picked it up.

Paul - Paul shot the Creeper in the face with the handgun while it was eating Nathan. Paul told the others to run in the cornfield to find help and they listened. Then he repeatedly shot the Creeper in the face, chest, and legs until it fell to the ground and it's hat fell off. Paul slowly walked up to the Creeper and then impaled it through the chest with his crowbar. Then he turned around walking towards the cornfield trying to look for his friends. Then the Creeper walked up behind in silence and stabbed him through the face with the crow bar then his corpse was later found with his eyes and heart gouged out while hanging from a tree.

Nick - While he was running through the cornfield with Jeremy and Rachel the Creeper threw a throwing knife at them causing it to sink into Nick's back and make him fall to the ground. Rachel and Jeremy were trying to get him up but he was to heavy. Then they saw the Creeper up in the sky with it's large wings out they were running as fast as they could but they dropped Nick. The Creeper flew down to them and then threw Rachel and Jeremy out of it's way then took the knife out of Nick's back and ripped open his insides with it then ate his insides. Later the Creeper flew off with Nick's corpse and his corpse was later found picked clean because his whole skin and organs was eaten by the Creeper.

Jeremy - After Nick was killed, him and Rachel started running in the cornfield looking for their friends but they couldn't find them then they felt like they were being followed but they couldn't see anything. Rachel and Jeremy started backing up but before they could turn around and run The Creeper appeared behind him and slashed Jeremy's throat with a pocket knife and then fell to the ground and told Rachel to run and she did. While Rachel was running, The Creeper was ripped open Jeremy's chest and then ate several of his organs.

Rachel - While running in the cornfield looking for her friends and sobbing in fear, She bumped into David and Cassidy saying that they have to find a way out of the cornfield then she noticed a farmhouse close to the cornfield. They all ran to the farmhouse and when they did the door wouldn't open and they all banged on the door but no one lived in the farmhouse. Cassidy found an open window on the side of the house and they all ran to the window to go in the farmhouse and hide. Cassidy went through the window first then David went in next and Cassidy went through the window but her leg got stuck in a tree branch. Then Rachel grabbed David's hand and started pushing. Then all of a sudden an arrow went through the back of her eye then Cassidy and David screamed. Then the Creeper walked up behind her, grabbed onto her shoulder and threw her to the ground. Then the Creeper climbed through the window and went after Cassidy and David in the farmhouse.

David - David and Cassidy were running through the farmhouse looking for a place to hide and they could hear the Creeper throwing and breaking things looking for David and Cassidy but they were hiding in the basement. Then they could stop hearing the destruction. David and Cassidy slowly walked up the stairs to hear if the Creeper was gone but they could still hear footsteps. Then David noticed blood coming and dripping from the other side of the door then Cassidy and David started becoming frightened. Then all of a sudden the Creeper's hand went through the door and grabbed David by the neck and started pulling him towards his face and then David grabbed an ice pick that was laying on a heating unit and stabbed the Creeper's arm. David and Cassidy ran down the stairs looking for a something to defend their selves with but they could hear the door opening. Then David was running through the basement tripped and fell on glass objects and he told Cassidy to hide and she did. When Cassidy hid she could hear David getting brutally ripped apart and eaten by the Creeper then saw blood splatting all over the walls and ceiling.

Cassidy - After David was killed the Creeper walked slowly back up the stairs and then Cassidy got up and walked through the basement looking for a way out she bumped into a vase and it broke and the Creeper walked back down the stairs. Then Cassidy hid underneath a wardrobe and grabbed a wooden baseball bat to defend herself then heard the Creeper throwing and destructing the basement looking for her. Then the noise stopped for a few seconds before Cassidy slowly walked out of the wardrobe. When Cassidy slowly walked out of the wardrobe very slowly with the wooden baseball bat in her hands, the Creeper walked up behind her in silence and stabbed her in the back with a pocket knife which made her fall to the ground and drop the baseball bat. Then the Creeper picked up the wooden baseball bat and hit her in the head with it 15 times until her skull broke and started bleeding to death.

Sheriff Woodley - While he was investigating Trish's house looking for the Creeper with Charlene and Ford, It saw a figure in a fedora and overcoat running across the hall and then he grabbed out his gun from his pocket and followed where the dark figure ran. Then he saw it run again then he made shot a quick bullet but the figure dodged it. When they made to the end of the hall, The Creeper grabbed Sheriff Woodley's head and ripped it slowly off and threw it at Officer Ford and Officer Charlene.

Officer Ford - When the Creeper threw Sheriff Woodley's head at Officer Ford and Officer Charlene, They aimed their guns at the Creeper and told Trish, Darry, and Richard to get out of the house and they did and then they ran in the cornfield looking for help. While Officer Ford and Charlene started shooting several bullets in the Creeper's chest, it wouldn't slow down. The Creeper grabbed Officer Ford's shoulder then threw him to the ground and ripped open his chest and started his heart and lungs while Charlene watched in fear.

Officer Charlene - While the Creeper was eating Officer Ford's insides, Charlene kicked the Creeper in the stomach and said "fuck you". Then she repeatedly started beating the Creeper with by kicking it. Then the Creeper bit Charlene's leg which made her fall to the ground and scream in pain then the Creeper grabbed an axe from his pocket then repeatedly stabbed Charlene in the back and stomach 20 times. Later Charlene was found decapitated while hanging from a tree in a body bag.

Jack Tarragart Jr. - While Trish, Darry, Jazel, Jack Jr., Jack Sr., and Richard were walking around Jack Sr.'s house with shot guns they heard someone walking around the house and then Officer Ford's corpse was thrown through a window with his chest ripped open and his throat slashed. Then Jack Jr. and Jack Sr. told everyone to get upstairs. Then Jack Jr. slowly walked up to the broken window and looked out. When Jack Jr. looked out, the Creeper grabbed both of Jack Jr's shoulder's with it's sharp claws on his feet and tried to fly off with him but Jack Sr. grabbed Jack Jr.'s legs and pulled him down but the Creeper was to strong. Then the Creeper slashed Jack Jr.'s throat with a pocket knife and that made blood splatter onto Jack Sr.'s face and made him let go of Jack Jr.'s legs and then the Creeper flew off with Jack Jr. then ate him off screen.

Richard Stevens - When Jack Sr. told everyone to get out of the house while he called the police, he started to argue with Richard about how they should stay then Jack Sr. walked up and punched Richard in the face which made him back up into a window and then he got up and went up to try and punch Jack Sr. but before he could the Creeper jumped through the window and grabbed Richard. Then Richard smashed a vase onto the Creeper's face which made him let go of Richard. Then he tried to run but the Creeper grabbed his arm and then bit it which made him fall to the ground. Trish tried to shoot her gun but it wouldn't shoot. Then the Creeper walked through the broken window and then everybody ran down the stairs and into the barn next to the house. While Richard was trying to catch up to them, The Creeper pushed him down the stairs and then the Creeper walked slowly down the stairs looking down at Richard then repeatedly stabbed him and ate most of his organs.

The Creeper - While Richard was killed Trish, Darry, Jazel, and Jack Sr. ran to the barn where Trish found barbed wire and told Jack Sr. and Jazel that she had a plan of how to kill the Creeper for good so they all hid. Then the Creeper walked in the barn and when it did, it could hear the noises coming from the next floor so it climbed the ladder to look for whatever caused the noise. When it was looking for the other's, Trish ran behind and said "fuck you" and then wrapped the barb wire really tite around his neck and then tied the other end on a weathervane on the roof of the barn but the Creeper was still kicking and screeching. Then she told everyone to get out of the barn and they did. Trish poured several buckets of gasoline on the floorboards before lighting it on fire. When the fire was spreading Trish jumped off the barn platform and landed on a pile of hay and then noticed the barn fire becoming larger and larger then it started to storm with winds, rains, and lightning. Then they all started to run away from the barn because they could see the Creeper trying to escape from the barn but the fire was to big and strong. While the Creeper was escaping and the other's were running away from the barn, a struck of lightning hit the barn while the Creeper was still inside and it caused a huge explosion to flatten it to the ground. Later the next day a bunch of police and paramedics took all of them away from the crime scene and into a hospital.

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