Jaws is a 2015 Slasher Adventure film. It's a remake to the 1975 film with the same name. This film has different characters and a different protagonist instead of copying the original 1975 Jaws film. The film stars Katija Pevec, Thomas Dekker, Madison Riley, Arlen Escarpeta, Cody Longo, Avan Jogia, Keke Palmer, Lindsay Schoneweis, Chris Zylka, Gerard Butler, Ana Gasteyer, Tatum McCann, Brent Stait, Ryan Reynolds, Jared Padalecki, Bobby Coleman, and Bob King.

Summary Edit

A young and rich college student from a Woodland, Florida named Amanda Thompson has been traumitized and depressed ever since the mysterious death of her father when she was eight years old. Now she is 20 years old and is taking 6 of her friends to go on a yacht trip around the Atlantic Ocean to eat food, have a great time, and go swimming during one whole week of Spring Break. Later Amanda finds out that a teenage girl and her boyfriend was found dead while floating in the water and people don't know who or what caused it and several people thinks it is a shark attack. Meanwhile on Amanda and her friends yacht trip, They are caught in a large hurricane and are trapped in a part of the Atlantic Ocean called "The Sea of The Dead" which is said to be guarded by a huge great white shark who is hungry and is trying to maintain the ocean for itself.


How Fast Can You Swim?

Cast Edit

Katija Pevec as Amanda Thompson - Amanda is a beautiful and a very rich college student who lives a wealthy, perfect lifestyle in a luxurious giant city with a lot of great American & around the world restaurants, private & public schools, University, parks, churches, aquatic centers, neighborhoods, hotels, museums & aquariums, businesses, stores & malls, arcades, movie theaters, a large carnival, local residents and a large beach called Woodland Beach. The city is called Woodland which is one of the largest cities in the State of Florida. Amanda grew up going to Catholic School. When she was eight years old her father was found in the water covered in blood and large teeth marks. She is the boyfriend of Brady and best friends with Bridgette. Even if she is in a bad mood she has a big heart and will always be there for a friend. Her family is very rich and luxurious but doesn't rub it into people's faces instead donates it and buys whatever they need with it. By the time she is 20 years old, Amanda brings all her college friends to a yacht trip around the Atlantic Ocean for Spring Break which ends up as a nightmare and are trapped in a part of the Atlantic Ocean named "The Bermuda Triangle" which is guarded by a humongous great white shark that is out to kill Amanda and her friends for entering the "Sea of the Dead". Her and her friends are stuck in a large hurricane and is also stalked by a giant great white shark who killed Amanda's father and will eat anyone that enters the water.

Thomas Dekker as Brady Simmons - Brady is the girlfriend of Amanda Thompson and best friends with Trevor and Mike. Brady is a 24 year old college student who is a professinal jock who tags along on his girlfriend's yacht trip around the Atlantic Ocean during Spring Break. Brady has a cool and fun spirited urge to party more then anything else. All Brady wants to do is do stunts, have a great time, and break the rules even if it turns him into a bully but has caring and loyal to his friends and relatives. He is a black belt in karate and will only use his skills for defense, good, and when he is about to get beaten up. Brady mostly admires and respects his girlfriend Amanda because she is never mean or selfish instead she is kind and loving and Brady always brings the romantic side in him when his girlfriend is around.

Madison Riley as Bridget - Bridget is best friends with Amanda Thompson and the girlfriend of Derek who tags along on Amanda's yacht trip around the Atlantic Ocean during Spring Break. Bridget is a up going and pretty college student. She is a beautiful blonde haired girl who is always loyal and respectful to her friends. She looks up to Amanda as a surrogate sister because she has a tite relationship with her. She has a girly personality because she loves doing girly stuff activites and participating in her friends activities. Bridget is always in a good mood neither angry nor sad but she gets scared and cowardly when her and her friends get terrorized by a shark. She also likes water-skiing and skinny dipping because she likes getting peer pressured by her friends.

Arlen Escarpeta as Trevor - Trevor is best friends with Brady and Mike and the boyfriend of Kate. Trevor is an 28 year old African-American college student who is always in a good mood and is interested in a lot of things. Trevor likes stuff like sports, eating pizza and having fun with his buddies. Trevor tags along with his Amanda and the rest of friends on a yacht trip around the Atlantic Ocean to have a great summer vacation, go swimming, and have some food. Trevor has always got some tricks up his sleeve and loves showing his friends a good time even if it ends up turning bad he tries it again. All Trevor likes to do is party and be in a good mood. Trevor works as a cook at a Steakhouse in Woodland because his father owns the Steakhouse and he loves cooking and eating stuff off the grill.

Cody Longo as Derek - Derek is the boyfriend of Bridget and a close friend of Brady. Derek is a smart and suave 25 year old college student who always likes tagging along and participating on his friends activities and is a part of Amanda's yacht trip around the Atlantic Ocean on Spring Break. Derek is a fun spirited up going college student who has a raunchy and offensive sense of humor but has a big heart. Him and Bridgette have a very close romantic relationship and nothing can make them made at each other. Derek is always curious about stuff that live in the sea. Derek has a issue of drinking alcohal and whiskey and will refuse to stop drinking even if his friends order him to stop.

Avan Jogia as Mike - Mike is best friends with Derek and a close friend of Trevor and Brady who loves partying and breaking the rules. Mike is a fun-spirited and up-going 21 year old who is a raunchy and reckless college student who tags along on Amanda's yacht trip around the Atlantic Ocean during Spring Break and can hardly take anything he does seriously. Mike is a cool kid to hang out but can be a bad influence on his friends at times. Mike is a self described dare devil because he likes doing sports, stunts, and especially skateboarding. He is adventourous and cultured because he likes visiting different places and learning new stuff and cultures. It is revealed that he has a crush on Bridgette but won't admit it to his friends.

Keke Palmer as Kate - She is the girlfriend of Trevor and a close friend of Bridget . Kate is a pretty and cool black tomboy who tags on Amanda's yacht trip around the Atlantic Ocean during Spring Break to go swimming and have a great time and is working really hard to get out of college. Kate is nice and helpful college student who will always be there for a friend. Kate's real name is Kaitlyn but her friends and relatives call her Kate for short. Kate would do anything to have a great time. Kate mostly spends her free time for painting, baking meals & sweets, and doing good deeds for other people. She can be bitchy at times but is mostly happy, fun spirited, and party going.

Lindsay Schoneweis as Tina Prescott - Tina is one of the first seen person in the movie, the daughter of Ben Prescott, and the girlfriend of Ted Rogan. Bree is a party going and slutty dressing brunette haired teen who will do anything to have a good time. During a nice night in the Spring, she camped in a tent while sex with her boyfriend at Woodland Beach. Her and Ted decide to go skinny dipping in the water. The next day Tina and Ted's corpses was found half eaten and decomposed while floating in the water. She is the daughter of Ben Prescott, sheriff of Woodland. Ever since her mysterious death, her father has been setting up curfews and searches for the person or thing that killed her. She works as a hairstylist at a beauty parlor and she is interested in stuff like makeup, perfume, hair and fashion

Chris Zylka as Ted Rogan - Ted is the boyfriend of Tina Prescott and one of the first seen people in the film. Ted is a smart and handsome 18 year old ladies man who is always loyal to his girlfriend. One Spring night, he camped in a tent while having sex with her girlfriend at Woodland Beach. Him and Tina decide to go skinny dipping in the water. Ted has a party going personality because he likes to have a party and get drunk as his favorite activities. The next day, Tina and Ted's corpses was found half eaten and decomposed while floating in the water and they send a curfew so they can find who or what killed him and Tina.

Gerard Butler as Nathan Thompson - Nathan Thompson is the deceased father of Amanda Thompson and Jeffrey Thompson the husband of Mary Thompson who was brutally killed and eaten by the same shark that is trying to kill Amanda and all of her friends. Nathan was a kind, wealthy middle aged but handsome man who has lived a rich lifestyle ever since he was child. Nathan was always supportive to his family but sometimes is to busy to spend time with them. One day goes riding on a speedboat in the water of Woodland Beach the speedboat was later found covered in blood, Nathan's intestines, and limbs. Then the rest of his body was found decomposed floating in the water. He was never forgotten for the past 12 years because it traumatized his family members and friends especially his daughter Amanda because she wants to find the same exact shark that killed him so she can avenge her father's death.

Ana Gasteyer as Mary Thompson - Mary is the mother of Amanda Thompson and Jeffrey Thompson and the wife of Nathan Thompson. Mary is a big hearted beautiful middle aged rich woman who gives her family everything they need instead of spoiling her children. It is mentioned that she works as a lawyer so she can make enough money to support and feed her family. Mary has a big heart and works very hard to shelter her family and gets thanked for it. It is revealed that she is catholic. Her, Nathan, Jeremy, and Amanda live in a large mansion near the beach. All Mary wants to do is protect and feed her family from danger and chaos. Mary lives in a rich, suburban neighborhood because she doesn't like noise and loves peace and quiet while she is sleeping.

Tatum McCann as Young Amanda Thompson

Brent Stait as Sheriff Ben Prescott - Ben is the father of Tina Prescott and the sheriff of the city of Woodland who knows about the disappearances of cruise ships and fishing boats in the Atlantic Ocean and wants to find out what is causing the disappearances. Ben is a hard working and sophisticated man who works really hard to keep the city of Woodland safe. He is overprotective about her daughter, Tina and she doesn't really like that and Ben doesn't really like the boyfriends that Tina brings home. Ben drives around the city looking for crimes to solve. When he finds out that Tina was found killed in the water he grown a deep depression and started making curfews and searches to find the thing that killed her. He wont rest until he finds the person or thing that is responsible for the disappearance's of Tina and Ted. He appears to has a crush on Mary Thompson but keeps it a secret.

Ryan Reynolds as Deputy Roy Clark - Deputy Roy is the deputy of Woodland Police Department and . Roy is a police officer who always takes his job seriously. Roy is a tough hard working man who solves many crimes and always gets the job done. Roy does his very best to be the next sheriff of Woodland Police Department and make Woodland a perfect environment. When Roy is on his breaks he gets Subway for lunch and watches MTV with his friends at the Police Station. Roy has a strong and serious backbone for what is needed. He was a close friend of Nathan Thompson ever since they were kids and loved playing games with him acting as a surrogate brother towards Nathan but has become very sad when he knows about Nathan's death.

Jared Padalecki as Josh Thompson - Josh is the older brother of Amanda Thompson and the son of Nathan and Mary Thompson. Josh is a wealthy, suave, loving, and hard working man who is a local resident of Woodland and is very wealthy like the rest of his family. Josh is very smart, multi-cultured and is adventurous as well because he likes learning new things and having fun. All Josh wants to do is adventure the world and learn new things but likes spending time with his family at times. Josh lives in a luxury condo and owns a business that comes up with ideas of how to make money. He always likes showing the fun way of things and he was always loyal and helpful towards his friends, family and sister. His real name is Joshua Thompson but his friends and relatives call him Josh for short. One of his real life goals is to discover something new like a mythological creature so he can win a Nobel Prize Award and become even more wealthy because he has won several awards from High School to Grad School and his most wanted award is a Nobel Prize.

Bobby Coleman as Young Josh Thompson

Bob King as Bill Harding - Bill is a local fisherman from Woodland and the well known the doomsayer and hick of Woodland because he sees visions and hears things and tells everybody in Woodland about. Bill is an 81 year old who's only activities are doing is getting intoxicated on beer and alcoholic beverages goes fishing in the ocean and he was never married and didn't have any children all he wants to do is go fishing. He then sells the fish at a farmers market to make some money. Bill is very fearless and he carries a brave, fearless demeanor when it comes to things like sharks. Bill is very arrogant and cranky all the time because he always likes some alone because he grew up with no alone time because he grew up and as homeschooled in an old cabin in a swamp with his parents, 10 siblings, and grandparents and he never had some alone time in his life and he grows a strong hatred towards everybody around him and he keeps himself isolated from the world.


Nathan Thompson - While Nathan was driving in his speed boat around the sea of Woodland beach while Amanda, Josh and Mary watched him on the beach, Nathan noticed a large dark figure passed underneath his boat and he got a little scared by the dark figure. He tried to see what it was. Then all of a sudden his speedboat flipped and then the water turned into a dark red colored and Nathan was eaten by a shark off screen and the water turned red. All that was left of Nathan was his intestines and limbs.

Tina Prescott - After Tina was having sex with her boyfriend Ted in the tent on Woodland Beach, Tina and Ted decided to go skinny dipping in the water. While Tina was swimming farther away from the shore. She felt something bite her leg. She yelled for Ted but he was to far away. She was swimming as fast as she could but couldn't make it. Then a shark popped out of the water and ate her then pulled her underneath the water. Later what was left of Tina's eaten corpse washed up on the shore of Woodland Beach.

Ted Rogan - After Ted was having sex with his girlfriend Tina in the tent on Woodland Beach, Tina and Ted decided to go skinny dipping in the water. While Ted was swimming he felt something bump into him when he turned around to see what it was he saw Tina's covered in blood and dead. Ted swam back to shore as far as he could. When he finally made it to shore, the shark grabbed his leg and pulled back in the water then ate him off screen. Later, what was left of Ted's eaten corpse was washed up on the shore of Woodland Beach.

Sheriff Ben Prescott - When Ben finds out that his daughter Tina and her boyfriend Ted's corpses washed up on shore. He called for some back up to take away the corpses and then he called an ambulance. Then he goes in the water to look for more evidence. He notices something floating in the water. He walked up to it and when he picked it up it was a half eaten corpse. Then he ran up back to the shore and yelled for someone but no one was around. A shark popped up behind him and pulled him underneath the water with his hips. Later Ben's decomposed head was washed up on the shore of Woodland Beach.

Bill Harding - While he was on the dock at the beach getting intoxicated on beer and looking for a fish to catch, he notices a shark floating around the water. Bill grabs his harpoon and aims it at the shark. Then he finally shoots it at the shark and it te harpoon stabbed the shark in the side. Then he tied the other side of the harpoon to the dock so the shark wouldn't escape. Then the shark was struggling hard as it could which made the dock shake. Then the dock broke which made Bill fall in the water. Bill couldn't swim so he couldn't make it back to shore. He saw the shark heading towards him and he got frightened. He was splashing and screaming but it do anything. Then the shark's head popped out the water and ate him. Later the next day his body was never found.

Kate - After the hurricane strikes Kate and her friends in The Bermuda Triangle, The ship starts to tilt to the side and made her slip since the floorboard was wet from the rain and wind. Kate held onto the side of the yacht and looked at the water. A huge gust of wind kept making her fall to the ground and all her friends. Then a shark comes to the ship and bit a chunk of the ship off. Kate slid off the ship and into the water. All her friends tried to help her but she kept blowing away from the yacht. When she made it to the end of the yacht where the shark was, she was all of a sudden pulled underwater and her blood an guts made the water turn red.

Bridget - After Kate was killed, Bridget ran inside the yacht and tried to run to look for her phone to call for help. Then all of a sudden, water was bursting out of the walls and coming inside the yacht which made her hair and clothes get wet. She turned around and run. Bridgette ran into her room and locked the door but the water was coming from underneath the door and flooding half of the room. Since their was to much water the water busted through the door and flooded the whole room. Bridgette was suffocating from to much water. Then she was eaten off screen and all that was left of her was the top half of her body.

Derek - Derek was looking everywhere in the yacht for his girlfriend Bridget and then Derek heard her loud curdling cries. When he looked out a porthole, he saw Bridgette half eaten and floating in the water. He got frightened and then tried to run. Before he could run, the water started overflowing inside the yacht and went up to Derek's neck. Then Derek heard something heading towards him he got scared and started swimming. Then all of a sudden, the shark bit both of his legs and sunk his teeth in his legs. His friends heard his cries and screams. Later nothing left found was found of his body.

Trevor - When Trevor and his friends heard Derek's screams, He noticed a CB radio and tried to contact someone for help. He finally contacted police and FBI and told them what happened and told him to find them as fast as they could. They all got excited that are getting saved. Since the hurricane kept a lounge chair blew through a window and made glass go everywhere and cut Trevor's cheek and hands and Amanda, Mike, and Brady hid underneath a table. Trevor stared crawling in the floor and went outside. A shark was at the end of the ship waiting for Trevor to fall. Since the floorboard was still wet from the rain. He started sliding down the yacht and struggled to crawl back up while Brady and Amanda watched. He started getting close to the shark's mouth and kicked the shark but it didn't work. Then the shark opened its mouth and sunk its teeth into Trevor's legs. Trevor was shaking and screaming but Brady, Mike, and Amanda were to scared to go near him. A few seconds later Trevor stopped moving and died. The shark dragged his corpse underwater.

Mike - Mike found buckets of gasoline and then had an idea. Mike managed to opened the buckets and threw them in the water, before lighting a match and throwing it in the water. The fire started surrounding the yacht. The shark popped out of the water and was set on fire. Then Trevor found a loaded gun on the floor and then picked it up and was planning to shoot the shark. The shark went back in the water to avoid the burning. Mike repeatedly shot the gun at the water to find the shark. After 9 shots the gun went empty. Then the fire caused a huge explosion which made the a chunk of the yacht come off which made Mike catch get caught in the fire and then Amanda and Brady jumped in the water and started swimming.

shark - After Mike was killed in a large fire, The rest of the yacht has sunk which made Brady break his leg. Amanda wrapped Brady's arm around her shoulders and started swimming. Then she found a harpoon gun floating in the water and a raft. She opened the raft and laid Brady in the raft the picked up the harpoon gun and got in the raft. She the shark's fin sticking out of the water and heading towards the raft. Then the shark's head stuck out of the water and was ready to eat Brady and Amanda. Amanda took the harpoon out of the gun and jumped out of the raft and stabbed the shark in the eye with the harpoon 5 times and then left the harpoon in it's eye. She swam back to the raft to protect Brady. Then she found a full bucket of gasoline and poured it on the shark. The fire got back on the shark and then a few seconds later the shark stopped moving and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Then a helicopter came down and rescued Brady and Amanda. Later in Jaws 2 the same shark returns to seek revenge on Amanda and Brady.

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