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Jacqueline "Jackie" Willows (full name: Jacqueline Victoria Willows III, real name: Jessica Lorraine Willows) (born 1870, died in 1929, age 59) was the ghost of a former member of the Willows House.


Jacqueline was born on June 6, 1870. She was an engaged young lady who married Mr. Willows.



When Jacqueline was twelve, she lurked through the woods and found a crystal amulet her mother found when she was seven. Jackie found out the secret was revealed. As soon, a person kidnapped her parents.


She grew up and she fell in love with Mr. Willows.


However, Jacqueline and Mr. Willows promised to stay together with their daughter, Addie Willows. When the killer, the same person who killed her parents, burned her house down, she was kidnapped by him and was stabbed to death with the dagger.


She was returned as a ghost and wanted to possess Christina to kill her children.


  • "Kill...John...Ellie...and...Lorraine." - Jacqueline's voice when she forces Christina to kill her children.
  • "Ellie!...Ellie!....Oh, Ellie!" -Jacqueline's voice when she was haunting Ellie in the hospital.


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