Hayley McDonald is the main heroine. She is sister of Lloyd McDonald, Brooke McDonald and twin sister of
Hayley McDonald

Georgie Henley plays Hayley McDonald in the original series

Hannah McDonald. When Lloyd was 13, Hayley was 10 and Brooke was 4, Hannah (Lauren Malloy) kill her, Lloyd, Brooke and Hayley's mum and dad. She and her brother and sister have been living with Tami Carsia, Ethan Carsia, and Annie Carsia. She was kidnapped by Lauren, 2 times when Lauren kidnapped Hayley after Lauren kiss Ethan when Ethan found Hayley in the box and Hayley was kidnapped again when Hayley run over Lauren, then Lauren get up and attack Hayley and kidnapped her.
Hayley McDonald remake

Hailee Steinfeld plays Hayley McDonald in the remake series




  • I was kidnapped (To everbody in the chuch when Hayley get out in bag with lots of blood get from hospital by move then fall in the floor and Hayley was kidnapped by Lauren)

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