Halloween 4 (aka Halloween 4: Michael's Return or Halloween 3) is a 2016 Slasher Horror film which is the 3rd installment film in the Halloween remake franchise and the remake of the 1988 film, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. This film has the same characters from the original and some new characters have been added in this film. The film stars Kaitlyn Maher, Stefanie Scott, Spencer Boldman, Ana Gasteyer, Mark Wahlberg, Tyler Mane, Chase Wright Vanek, Sheri Moon Zombie, Nicola Peltz, Richard Gere, Jensen Ackles, Malcolm McDowell, Mary Birdsong, Dylan O'Brien, Emily Browning, Alexander Ludwig, Jennifer Garner, Davis Cleveland, Brent Stait, Jake T. Austin, Ben Affleck, and Jessica Stroup.

Plot Edit

After Michael has suffered a 6 year coma, He returns to Haddonfield looking for his younger sister once again but finds out that she faked her death in a car accident and before she did, she gave birth to a little girl named Jamie Lloyd who was adopted by a better family who takes care of her much better then her last family. Jamie knows about her homicidal uncle and is verb nervous about talking about it. Then Jamie finds out that Michael has returned to Haddonfield to find her and kill her but Michael's therapist and doctor, Samuel Loomis who is also returning to Haddonfield to save Jamie from falling victim into the hands of Michael.

Cast Edit

Kaitlyn Maher as Jamie Lloyd - Jamie is an adorable 7 year old girl who is quiet but is loving and friendly who has a shy demeanor when it comes talking to people and a cowardly demeanor when it comes to fighting people like Michael. She is the daughter of Laurie Strode and a one of Laurie's male college classmates and is the niece of Haddonfield's most infamous serial killer, Michael Myers and she knows all about the bizarre boogeyman and how Michael tried to kidnap her biological mother who has faked her death in a car accident a few days after Jamie's birth. When Jamie was still an infinite she was adopted by a family who also lived in Haddonfield where she a better mother, a better father, and an older sister who sticks up for her. She has a normal life like going to school, playing with her friends, and sits at the dining room table for the 3 most important meals of the day. Jamie has been afraid of Halloween ever since she heard about her homicidal uncle but she decides to go dressed up as a clown to go trick r treating with her friends and get a lot of candy which will take her mind off of Michael Myers. Michael has a hatred to Jamie but still has love and kindness towards Laurie. She is nicknamed "The Niece of Satan".

Stefanie Scott as Rachel Carruthers - Rachel is a 17 year old girl who is the adoptive sister of Jamie Lloyd and the girlfriend of Brady. Rachel is a fun spirited teenage girl who sticks up for Jamie when ever she is in trouble or being bullied. Rachel tries to make Jamie not think about her biological mother and how everybody knows that Jamie is the niece of the most horrific serial killer, Michael Myers. Rachel is friendly and caring to those around her like her friends, her boyfriend, her relatives, and sometimes donates money to those in need except for a arrogant and selfish classmate named Kelly Meeker who always flirts with her boyfriend and later finds that Kelly had sex with him and that's why she hates Kelly. Rachel is very excited that she is graduating from high school and going to her future college at Harvard University so she can get a good education and get a good job so she can raise a money and raise a family of her own with Brady but that all fails when Brady cheats on her with Rachel's enemy, Kelly. Since Kelly has been flirting with her boyfriend Rachel gets him back by flirting with other teenage boys just to make him jealous and it is working.

Spencer Boldman as Brady - He is the boyfriend later ex-boyfriend of Rachel Carruthers. Brady is a popular and handsome 18 year old high school student who most of the girls in his school call attractive especially his girlfriend, Rachel and his classmate Kelly Meeker. When Brady cheats on Rachel with Kelly him and Rachel break up and Rachel gets back at him by flirting with other teenage boys just to get back at Brady and it is working. He cheated on Rachel because he found out that she is taking Jamie trick r treating with her friends and that made him kind of upset that their plans were changed so he decided to hang out with Kelly and he knows that Rachel and Kelly never get along. He is very fearless and tough even if it comes to fighting Michael.

Ana Gasteyer as Helen Carruthers - Helen is the mother of Rachel Carruthers, the wife of Robert Carruthers, and the adoptive mother of Jamie Lloyd. She is a middle age woman who raises her children to be normal kind good influenced people. Helen is a local house wife who has a big heart and is super humorous. While her husband is at his job making money and enough food to help his family not end up on the streets, she helps around the house cooking the meals and cleaning up and gets a lot of appreciation for it. All that she wants to do is help people in needed and at times works at a soup kitchen to make extra money so she can support her family.

Mark Wahlberg as Robert Carruthers - Robert is the father of Rachel Carruthers, the husband of Helen Carruthers, and the adoptive father of Jamie Lloyd. Robert is a 46 year old business man who works as a powerful lawyer who makes enough money to support and feed his family while his daughter's are at school and his wife does the house work. Robert grew up in a wealthy neighborhood with nice and polite Halloween celebrators and he raises his family in those kind of neighborhoods.  He has a very high IQ but only uses his intellegence to pay for the taxes and bills or helps Rachel or Jamie with their homework. Robert has been hearing about the Michael Myers murder spree but he doesnt know that Jamie is the niece of him.  

Tyler Mane as Michael Myers - Michael is Haddonfield's most infamous serial killer who grew up in a bad neighborhood with a neeglecful but loving mother named Deborah Myers, an abusive stepfather named Ronnie White, and a spoiled abusive teenage sister named Judith Myers. Michael was not like other children he wasnt interested in sports or video games he was more of an animal cruelty type person like killing his pet rat and collecting road kill because he had something going on in his head that made him not feel like him self. During Halloween afternoon, Michael went out of control and killed the school bully by beating him to death with a tree branch and left his corpse in the woods without saying a word about it. During Halloween night while his mother is at her job at a strip club, her step-father is unconcious on the sofa, and her sister is being irresponsible and having sex with her boyfriend, Michael puts on his clown costume and goes trick r treating by himself with no love by anyone. When Michael returns home he eats his candy in depression then commits 3 more murders. The first murder was Ronnie White when Michael slashed his throat while he was intoxicated and unconscious on the couch after taping him to the sofa, the next murder Michael committed was killing Judith's boyfriend Steven Haley by slamming a baseball bat several times on his head and left his bleeding body on the floor, and the last murder he commited was his sister Judith by stabbing her several times in the stomach and back then left her body in a hallway, but the only person he didn't kill and has love towards them is his baby sister Angel Myers who is now named Laurie Strode and his mother Deborah Myers because he's the only people that he loves. That night Michael was sent to a mental asylum where he was helped by a therapist by the name Dr. Samuel Loomis. One day when Michael is in he cafeteria he brutally stabs a nurse to death and that causes her mother to comity suicide and her baby sister gets adopted. For the next 15 years he has fallen into deep silence, has been isolated from the outside world that he has gone crazy, and wants out of the asylum so he decideds to kill several security guards and custodians so know one could stop him from escaping. Now Michael wears an old Halloween mask with brown hair that he hid in his house and a mechanic outfit that he stole from a mechanic near the hospital he was at during his coma. And uses a large kitchen knife as his favorite weapon. Michael has woke up from a 7 year coma after being shot several times now he has returned to Haddonfield to find Laurie again then found out that she faked her death in car accident. Ever since his sister faked her death in a car accident he is now targeting another family member who is 7 year old niece Jamie Lloyd and she knows a lot about him.

Chase Wright Vanek as Young Michael Myers

Sheri Moon Zombie as Deborah Myers - She was the mother of Haddonfield's most wanted serial killer Michael Myers, a little infant girl named Angelica "Angel" Myers and a spoiled teenager named Judith Myers and her only well-behaved child is Angel Myers who is currently named Laurie Strode. She is an irresponsible but big hearted mother who doesn't really know much about how a normal mom should raise their children and works as a slutty dancer at a strip club named Rabbit in Red. She married a local man named Mr. Myers and had 3 children with him until he died when they had their third child and now Deborah has met a lazy, free loading hillbilly man named Ronnie White who is abusive and grows a strong hatred towards all of Deborah's children. She has so much stuff to do that she hates her life and she feels like that her children don't tell her everything. On the night of October 31st, 1990 when she came back from her work at Rabbit in Red, she noticed Michael on the porch in a bloody clown costume and holding Angel and when she went inside the house she saw the bloody corpses of Ronnie White who was taped to a chair, Judith Myers who had brutal stab wounds in her back, and Judith's boyfriend Steven Haley who's head was cracked open with an aluminum baseball bat and the massacre shocked. Ever since that night, Deborah decided to take Michael to a mental asylum where he can turn into a normal child. She has been visiting Michael at the mental asylum for the past 2 years. One day when she was about to leave with Dr. Loomis, she saw 2 security guards running to where Michael is and she saw Michael standing over a dead nurse with a bloody knife in his hands. Later that day, Deborah has grew into a deep depression and then shot herself because she felt like she couldn't trust her own son anymore. Now Deborah has returned as a beautiful pale white ghost in a long white dress and she walks around with a pale white Clydesdale by her side and she helps Michael who is all grown up to find Jamie Lloyd and show Jamie who her biological family really was.

Nicola Peltz as Kelly Meeker - Kelly is a manipulative and arrogant teenage girl who is the rival of Rachel Carruthers and the new girlfriend of Brady. Just because she is the daughter of the sheriff she thinks she'll get away with anything she wants whenever she wants to do it with no regard for anyone else. The worst thing she does is flirt with her male classmates with those that already have girlfriends and uses them for sexual intercourse and dumps them for another male classmate. Kelly mostly flirts with Brady who is Rachel's boyfriend but Kelly falls in love with him then has sex with him which ends Brady and Rachel's relationship and increases Rachel's hatred towards Kelly. She has the same amount of evil as Michael does but she doesn't reveal her antagonist side to the world unless it is someone she hates mainly Rachel Carruthers. She grew up very manipulative, shallow, ungrateful, and spoiled towards every female classmate and the ex-girlfriends of her boyfriends from her childhood to her teenage years and Rachel describes her as a drama queen. She can get what ever she wants with no "thank yous" or "pleases" just pouting and yelling but Rachel trying to get revenge strikes Kelly when her death is in the hands of Michael Myers. She is very similar to Judith Myers as they are both teenage spoiled brats who care about no one but themselves.

Richard Gere as Sheriff Ben Meeker - He is the new sheriff of Haddonfield and the father of Kelly Meeker. Ben is a powerful officer who keeps Haddonfield a normal and clean community. Ben comes out as "a man in uniform" because he is very caring and protective to all the citizens of Haddonfield and the town itself and he keeps a close eye out for crimes and is assisted by his deputy, Officer Jenks who is hard working and sophisticated as much as him and is like the son Ben has always wanted. Ever since Ben heard that Michael Myers has awakened from his coma and returned to Haddonfield to start his killing spree again and their have been hearing of some murders around town, he has been working extra hard and told all the police to drive around the neighborhoods and keep an eye out for Michael Myers.

Jensen Ackles as Officer Ron - He is the deputy of the Haddonfield Police Department and a close friend of sheriff Ben Meeker. Officer Ron is a local resident of Haddonfield who is very hard working and sophisticated officer who has a lot in common with Ben and Ben acts as a surrogate father towards Officer Ron. Officer is a ladies man because most woman find him very attractive, handsome, and strong and he is very described as a brave man even if it comes to fighting people like Michael Myers. He is really good at fighting and wrestling but uses his fighting skills for good and defense. He looks for crimes in and out of the town of Haddonfield so there will be no danger in the town or the county.

Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Samuel Loomis - He is the doctor and therapist of Michael Myers who has returned to Haddonfield to stop Michael from starting his killing spree. Dr. Loomis is a famous book author who is writes books about a biography and the life of Michael Myers. He is very popular for writing the books and fame has gone to his head ever since his book sold and has turned very arrogant and power hungry. Samuel visited Michael every day in the asylum, Michael was a surrogate father towards Michael since Michael's real father died before Michael's younger sister Angel was born. Then Samuel changed Michael's life into a book that became very popular and he became super rich and fame seeking and Michael think's that he used him for a best selling book so Samuel is another target of Michael Myers but Samuel didn't use him because he was like his best friend. Dr. Loomis quits the book writing business and goes back to Haddonfield to protect Michael's niece Jamie so she wont be murdered by her uncle and put Michael back in the asylum.

Mary Birdsong as Nancy McDonald - She is Dr. Loomis's publicist and agent who was hired by Dr. Loomis to make his books sell. Nancy is a middle aged woman who has told Dr. Loomis that Michael has awakened from his coma and returned to Haddonfield to kill his niece. Nancy barely tolerated Loomis' acerbic behavior and, though she had done things that she has not proud of, she could barely stomach the lengths that Loomis would go through to sell his new book. Nancy is never thanked for her work and is always the one that is left out while Loomis is getting all the respect and honor. Nancy is thinking of quitting her job as Loomis' agent and take early retirement unless she gets any respect like Dr. Loomis.

Dylan O'Brien as Tommy Doyle - Tommy is best friends with Brady and Wade and someone from Michael's past. Tommy is a troublemaking teenager who has never forgotten about how he experienced Michael Myers when he was kid and that still haunts his memory but he wouldn't admit it or bring it up to his friends because they wouldn't believe him. Tommy is interested in skate boarding and rock music and he has a fun spirited personality and his reckless and raunchy ways bothers those around him and he doesn't care how much it annoys his friends or loved ones. Tommy has a crush on Kelly and occasionally flirts with her but it makes Kelly uncomfortable and Kelly thinks he isn't her type.

Emily Browning as Lindsay Wallace - Lindsay is the best friend of Rachel and Tommy and someone from Michael's past. Lindsay is a loving and big hearted teenager who has forgotten all about Michael Myers through the years and is more interested in cheerleading and boy bands. Lindsay and Tommy are still close friends because they grew up in the same neighborhood when they were kids and they have a few classes together in high school. She has a lot of free time and spends her free time joy riding in her car and watches horror movies. She has never forgotten about Laurie Strode who was her favorite babysitter and was an older sister figure to her but became sad and depressed when Laurie faked her death in a car accident but vowed never to think or talk about it. Like Rachel she has a hatred towards Kelly Meeker.

Alexander Ludwig as Wade - He is the boyfriend of Lindsay Wallace and best friends with Brady and Tommy Doyle. He is a fun spirited and popular teenager who is described as a lady's man because most of his female classmates call him attractive and handsome but vows to stay loyal to his girlfriend Lindsay because she doesn't like him hanging around other female classmates mainly Kelly Meeker. Wade has a very high IQ and is planning to use his intelligence get into a good college and get a good career. He has a close friendship towards Tommy Doyle and acted like a surrogate brother to Tommy ever since they were kids. He also has a little bit of a cowardly demeanor when it comes to fighting people like Michael Myers.

Jennifer Garner as Margaret Ross - She is the therapist of Jamie Lloyd and a close friend of Helen Carruthers. Margaret is a honest and loving woman who is a local professional therapist who helps Jamie with her problem about her traumatizing memory of her uncle Michael and how her biological parents faked their deaths in a car accident. Margaret gives Jamie a prescription medicine that Jamie has to take everyday so she can stay calm and polite as a normal citizen and helps Jamie not have any nightmares. Margaret is acting as a surrogate mother towards Jamie as she is very helpful and caring towards her and gives Jamie a lot of sympathy because she is the niece of Michael but promises to Jamie that she wont tell anyone. Margaret considers therapy as her life.

Davis Cleveland as Billy - He is the best friend and love interest of Jamie Lloyd who goes trick r treating with Jamie during Halloween. Billy is a friendly little boy who is a very popular kid at Haddonfield Elementary School because he is interested in a lot of things like sports, learning and music and is always curios about new things. Him and Jamie love playing together and love sharing each other's toys with each other acting as a surrogate brother towards Jamie. Billy is not scared of a lot of things but his most memorable fear is Michael Myers. He always likes to show the fun side of things because he loves doing stuff the fun way instead of the normal way.

Brent Stait as Martin - Martin is a old timer mechanic who lives miles away from Haddonfield and is the guy where Michael gets his new clothes from. Martin is a hard working man who works at an isolated mechanic store that is miles away from Haddonfield, Illinois and is close to the hospital that Michael was taken to during his coma. Martin wears a dirty mechanic suit which ends up Michael's new clothes after Michael wakes up from his coma and kills Martin. Evan had no wife or children because his only life dream was to fix and wash cars and he succeeded. Martin is very tough and fearless and he can fight anyone who tries to fight him even Michael Myers. He uses his fighting techniques for evil instead of for defense and good.

Jake T. Austin as Nick - He is a high school student who is a close friend of Tommy Doyle and Wade. Nick is a rule breaking teenager who uses his free time flirting with his female classmates at his school and sometimes he does stuff like underage drinking and being a jerk to those around him because Nick grew up in a bad neighborhood with a bunch of bad influencing people and he think's those kind of people are cool and are the good influence. Nick has a crush on Rachel Carruthers but Rachel doesn't really like Nick because she think's he is a filthy, reckless slob who loves getting dirty and flirts with his female classmates.

Ben Affleck as Richard Morgan - He is a local paramedic from a hospital that is miles away from Haddonfield and works at the hospital Michael got into his coma with his wife Susan. Richard is a man who has known who knows all about the horrible Halloween massacre Michael Myers has done several years ago and feels afraid that one day Michael will wake up from his coma and start his killing spree again and he always locks Michael's in his hospital room during closing time incase Michael wakes up from his coma. He has a genuine for the citizens that need medical attention, but comes off only as a "man in uniform" who could care less about the patients and people's cries for help and cares more about eating take out food or pizza and drinking beer with his buddies and wife.

Jessica Stroup as Alice Morgan - She is the wife of Richard Morgan and a paramedic from the hospital who is more mature and smarter then her husband Richard. Alice is a smart young woman who like her husband has a massive fear of Michael Myers waking up from his coma one day and will start his murder spree again. Alice went to a very popular college where she got a good education where she got her career at the mental hospital. She is very serious about her life and her job but she has a funny sense of humor and always has a few tricks up her sleeve so she can show the fun way of doing things. Alice carries around a gun in her pocket for protection because she knows how Michael Myers started the Halloween massacre years ago and is prepared when it comes to fighting people like Michael. She tries to spend time with her friends and family but she is really busy.

Deaths Edit

Richard Morgan - Gutted By Michael

Alice Morgan - Alice, who was getting her stuff and looking for Richard, She heard scrapping noises coming from the end of the hall and noticed Michael's hospital room door was wide open and a trail of blood was leading from the hospital room to the end of the hall and then heard loud scarping noises coming from the end of the hall. Then when she made it to the end of the hall, she saw Richard lying dead on the floor brutally gutted with a knife a knife in his stomach. Then Alice tried to run but Michael walked up behind her in silence with a dissection knife in his hands. Then Alice looked behind her and saw Michael planning to stab her. Then Alice tried to run but blood was all over the floorboards which made her slip and brake her leg. Then she was trying to crawl away from Michael but Michael walked up to her and then picked her up by her neck. Then Michael pinned her to the wall and stabbed her 10 times in the stomach with the dissecting knife and pinned her to the wall with the knife still in her chest.

Martin - When Martin was repairing on a car, He heard his front door and open and shut. So he got from under the car and went to see who is inside, before grabbing a wrench. Then he noticed someone tracked dirt inside the repair store. Then Michael walked in front of him and then Martin said to tell Michael to leave but he didn't. Then he started beating Michael with the wrench until Michael fell to the ground and became unconscious. Then Martin left his unconscious body laying on the floor, and went back to repair the car. Michael slowly got up from the floor and grabbed a large kitchen knife from the table and slowly walked behind Evan. Michael grabbed his shoulder, turned him around and slashed his arm which made Evan fall to the ground. Martin got back up and punched Michael in the face but it didn't make him fall and Michael pushed him back to the ground. Then Michael stabbed Martin in the stomach and chest 18 times with the kitchen knife and left his corpse on the floor. Then Michael stole Martin's mechanic clothes and kitchen knife.

Wade - While he was making out with Lindsay on the sofa, Someone cut the lights which frightened Lindsay and Wade. Then they put their shirts back on and went to see who cut the lights. Then they heard noises coming from the basement and then Lindsay told Wade to go check it out while Lindsay would call the police. Wade walked down the stairs leading to the basement and noticed the fuse box had several stab marks and bloody hand prints on the fuse box and there was a knife in the fuse box. Wade started freak out and back up a little then Michael walked up behind him and grabbed his head. Then slashed his throat his throat with a large kitchen knife then later Michael hung Wade from the ceiling of the basement.

Lindsay Wallace - Lindsay, who was calling the police to tell them that someone is in her house. Then Michael grabbed her head and threw her to the wall. Then Lindsay tried to escape through a window, but then Michael grabbed Lindsay's leg and tried to pull her back in and then Lindsay kicked Michael in the face. Lindsay ran up on the roof top to call for help but no one was around to hear her. Then Michael walked up behind Lindsay and stabbed her 4 times in the chest and then picked her up and threw her off the roof and onto the ground breaking her neck and killing her.

Officer Ron - While Officer Jenks was in front of the Meeker house holding a gun, He heard footsteps and someone watching him. He turned on his flashlight and he didn't see anything then he went into the bushes because he heard the noise there but he found a decapitated head. He backed up a little then Michael walked up behind him and wrapped a chain of barb wire around his neck and Officer Jenks started choking on his own blood. Then Michael picked him up and impaled through the chest on a near by tree branch.

Kelly Meeker - When Kelly went to go lock the back door, she noticed the door was wide open and thought it was just the wind. Then the lights were cut off and Kelly started to freak out. She felt like she was being watched but she could hardly see anything because it was to dark but she found a flashlight and switched it on. When Kelly, turned on the flashlight, Michael popped up behind her, picked Kelly up and covered her mouth with a cloth so she wouldn't scream Kelly and then Michael threw her through a nearby window. Then Michael picked her up by her hair and then snapped her neck. Later Kelly, was found hanging from a tree and a lot of stab wounds in her stomach and chest.

Brady - Brady, Rachel, Jamie, and Billy manages to run out of the house and into Brady's car. Once Brady inserts her key in the ignition of the car, the car remains where it is and Brady inserts the key harder into the ignition. The car continues to remain still where it is and Brady notices his engine is broken. Then Michael punched through Brady's side window and slashed his throat with a hunting knife and then stabbed him several times in the chest. After Brady was killed, Michael grabbed Jamie out of the car and dragged her away from the car and took held her prisoner in the Myers house.

Michael Myers - While Jamie was banging on a window finding a way to escape avoiding being killed by Michael, Dr. Loomis walked behind Michael and shot him several times in the chest which didn't stop him. Then Dr. Loomis grabbed Michael's shoulder, turned him around and punched him in his face then Michael threw Dr. Loomis to the ground. Jamie decided to run upstairs while Michael was distracted and looked out a window and noticed the police, Rachel, Brady, Robert, and Helen were in the front yard calling out for her. Jamie threw a chair through the window and tried to make it out but then Michael slashed her arm making her fall to the ground and sob in fear. Then Jamie noticed a glass shard was by her so she decided to pick it up and stab it into Michael's leg which made him drop his knife. Jamie picked up Michael's knife and stabbed him several times in the chest with it which caused him to fall to the ground. Jamie slowly walked away from Michael with tears in her eyes and said "good bye uncle". While Jamie's back was turn, Michael got up and took the knife out of his chest and walked up to Jamie. Then Jamie screamed at the top of her lungs crying for help. Dr. Loomis walked up behind her and shot Michael 8 times in the head and chest then Michael fell through a window, rolled off the roof and landed in the front yard of the house. Then Jamie and Dr. Loomis ran out the front door and ran up to Rachel hugged Rachel really tite while she was crying in fear. Then Michael got back up and started to walk up to Jamie planning to kill her then the all the police started shooting Michael several times in his chest, head and legs which made Michael fall back to ground. Then Jamie slowly walked up to Michael grabbed his knife from his hands and put on Michael's mask. Helen and Robert were trying to make her stop but she ignored them then stabbed Michael several times in his back with the knife.

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