Freeze Me is upcoming film by Eli Roth, is about a happily ennaged woman's normal life was shattered when one of rapists track her in New York and abused her as his hostage until she snaps and kills her rapist put on freeze before other rapists come for nightmare. it remake of Japanese film with same name.


5 years ago Clarisa was gang raped by 3 men who videotaped their scene and post on internet, the icdiencit caused Classia moved from small town without telling her mother came to LA for better life , security big apartment and finds job also love with her co worker. but she preapad her marriage with her boyfriend, her secituy life was sharted one of rapists come to blackmailed her into relationship once worse , he came for her job caused rubacks and her boyfriend leaves her after learing the truth which caused Clarisa snap and kills her rapist put on freezer , two other rapists come for preapaed reunion and Clarisa took her manners for hands.


  • Kachy Rohl as Classia
  • Xavier Samuel

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