Final Destination 7 is a supernatural-horror film, starring Emma Roberts, Vanessa Morgan, Jake T. Austin, Leighton Meester, Nicholas Day, Dana Davis, Aaron Yoo, Jason Momoa and Tony Todd.



  • Emma Roberts as Katie Lawton/The survivor of the Lawton Hotel and Sam Lawton's sister
  • Vanassa Morgan as Mary Rice/A teenager who had the premanition about S.S Lawton exploding.
  • Jake T. Austin as Oliver Plake/Mary's friend
  • Leighton Meester as Camille Hans/Mary's best friend
  • Nicholas Day as Henry Flake/Mary's boyfriend
  • Dana Davis as Bailey Megale/The girl who believes in Mary
  • Aaron Yoo as Jin Yoo/One of Mary's classmates
  • Jason Momoa as Patrick Simson/Mary's teacher
  • Tony Todd as William Bludworth/The guy who knows death and Katie's new boss


Mary and Oliver survived and defeat Death with a help of Katie.

Death KillingsEdit

  • Jin Yoo- Eye pop out
  • Bailey Megale- Got hit by a truck
  • Patrick Simson- Stabbed in the chest and house exploded
  • Henry Flake- All orgains went flying
  • Camille Hans- Falls down 10 stores


  • Jin Yoo
  • Bailey Megale
  • Patrick Simson
  • Henry Flake
  • Camille Hans
  • Oliver Plake
  • Mary Rice

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