Ellen Wroe
Ellen Wroe is an American actress who voiced Ramona and Mimi Lovely in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She plays Candice Hooper in Final Destination 5, Brianna Albertson and Dana Albertson in the Scream series, Emily Simpsons in the remake of Carrie, Melissa Jones in Kate Robinson, Julie James in I Know What You Did Last Summer series, Julie Everhart in Sorority Row series, Cassidy Lloyd in the Halloween series, Lucy Coleman in the Orphan series, Sidney Jensen in Boogeyman film series, and Ashley Flower in The Evil series.


  • Final Destination 5 - Candice Hooper
  • Scream - Brianna Albertson/Dana Albertson
  • Carrie - Emily Simpsons
  • Kate Robinson - Melissa Jones
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer - Julie James
  • Sorority Row - Julie Everhart
  • Halloween - Cassidy Lloyd
  • Orphan - Lucy Coleman
  • Boogeyman - Sidney Jensen
  • The Evil - Ashley Flower