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Elizabeth Collins
Known aliases: Eliza
Location: 12 Burkittsville Lane
Known relatives: Jessica Collins (mother)
Seymour Collins (Father)
Andrew Collins (brother)
Jackson Collins (brother)
Matthew Collins (brother)
Diana Keller (Aunt)
Jason Marshall (Cousin)
Ella Marshall (Cousin;Deceased)
Anna Marshall (Cousin)
Shawn Marshall (Uncle)
Marge Collins (Grandmother)
Charles Anderson (Fiance)

Derek Collins-Anderson (son)
Jack Collin-Anderson(son)
Nicholas Collins-Anderson(son)
Jason Weaver-Collins (son)
the unborn baby (Son or daughter by Noah or Charles)

Year of birth: 21 April 1980
Year of death:
Signature weapon: Rifle and gun
First appearance: Blair Witch 3:The Legend of Elly Kedwards
Portrayed by: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Elizabeth Collins is a Character in Blair Witch 3: The Legend of Elly Kedwards and Blair Witch 4: The Execution of Rustin Parr and Blair Witch 5: The Coffin Rock and she is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar


Blair Witch 3: The Legend of Elly KedwardsEdit

Blair Witch 4: The Execution of Rustin ParrEdit

Blair Witch 5: The Coffin RockEdit


  • nice try Noah nice try noah (talking noah while she was in the shower)
  • Flames are licking you like the devil there,Charles
  • Charles elly kedwards is out there some where I even dated James Donahue and Noah and you darling were engaged to be married and our sons and unborn babies will be proud of us did I bring my guitar with me I must have left it at home with our other stuff and I brought my backup guitar with me
  • just because im engaged to our friend that dosen't mean you own him can you get my back for me please it dosent smell that bad noah that relaxing (rubbing body oil all over her self and talking to Noah)
  • Rustin-fucking-Parr, that's what's going on! (talking to her fiancée)
  • if we don't get out of this woods ill kill you (talking with her fiancée)
  • why did elly kedwards kill thoses children and she almost killed my great-grandmother (talking with noah while hes massaging her)
  • We brought something back with us...
  • I'm gonna rip your head off! (to rustin parr)
  • Ahh! Did you Catch him (Screaming in Jason davis arms while being naked)


In Blair Witch 3:The Legend of Elly KedwardsEdit

In Blair Witch 4:The Execution of Rustin ParrEdit

In Blair Witch 5:The Coffin RockEdit

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