"Larry Come Back here you son a bitch "
―Edward Richardson[src]
Edward Richardson
Known aliases: The Vampire (By Larry)
My Darling Husband (ByCordeila)
Location: The Richardson Manison
Known relatives: Cordeila Richardson (wife)
Abraham Richardson (Brother)
Alexandra Richardson (daughter)
Nicholas Richardson (son)
Mark Richardson (son)
Ella Richardson (daughter)
Unborn baby (son or daughter)
Year of birth: 3 May 1964
Year of death:
Signature weapon: Swords and Guns
First appearance: The Vampire Knight
Portrayed by: Charlie Bewley


The Vampire KnightEdit

The Vampire Knight:The night of the vampiresEdit

The Vampire Knight:The Nightmare RisesEdit


  • Cordeila larry Winchester died this Morning thank god his cousin killed him because he wanted to kill us and our children
  • Leon Why is your cousin tried to kill us
  • Alexandra come here tell me what wrong my baby girl (seeing his daughter crying)
  • I swear to god if I wasn't a father I would killed larry and his girlfriend but I love being a father to my wounderfull children


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