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Danni Williams

Danielle "Danni" Williams is a character who appeared on the film, Scream 5. She is a pornographic actress who is handeld by Jake Woodley. She later gets pregnant and gives birth to her son named, Alejandro Williams.


Danni had a long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a college student along with her bestfriend Jane. Danni seemed to be a lot more insecure and down to earth than her co-star, Jane.

Early LifeEdit

Danni was born on Vancouver, British Canada and is bestfriends with Jenna "Jane" Jameson. Both girls attend college together and both girls decided to be a porn actress. She is more popular than her co-star, Jane.


Danni first appeared talking with Jane on the set of their film. Later she appeared sitting on Jake's lap while Jane was dancing infront of her and Jake. Danni seems to be with Jane as both girls was in the living room as Ghostface attacks them and Danni beats Ghostface with her baseball bat, Ghostface leaves and Danni with Jane was safe.
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Danni, as she was going to remove her top.

Danni haves sex with a unknown guy and Danni gets pregnant. After eight months, Danni is being careful after she gets pregnant and she decided to visit Kirby Reed. Danni and Kirby watched the news and they find out that Ryan was killed. Ghostface destroys the door and is going to stab Kirby and Kirby pushes Ghostface and Kirby tells Danni to escape. Danni escapes and she encounters Sidney and she tells Sidney that Kirby is fighting Ghostface.

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