Circus of Fear 3 is the third and final movie in the Circus of Fear Trilogy. This time, comprised of 3 short films.

The Thing Beneath The FloorsEdit

A man buys a house from an eerie real estate agent named Stanley Howard. The house's origin is rather vague and unclear but the previous owners went missing. The man decides not to question it and moves in. During his stay, he encounters some strange happenings like weird noises in the attic and basement, things being rearranged or just totally disappearing, and some weird sticky substance being spread around the house. Attempting to find the source, he goes into the basement to find a slimy creature that eats him alive. Stanley then grins and laughs as he watches saying "It's feeding time." and puts a "House For Sale" sign on the front lawn waiting for the creatures next feast.

Arachnophobia Edit

Lew Marsh is a neurotic business tycoon who has a fear of spiders. So unfortunately for him, his apartment is filled with spiders. He tries to escape but his apartment is in lockdown. Then a herd of spiders topple over Lew and kills him. Then Lew wakes up only to find its a dream. He tries to get up but realizes he is stuck in a giant web. Frightened, he looks up to see a giant spider gnawing on body parts.

The RooftopEdit

A boy sees a shadowy figure on top of the roof of his house but he just dismisses it and continues on with his day. But soon, everywhere he looks, he sees the shadowy figure. In the end, he gets enlisted into a mental institution. Weeks pass and he is declared mentally sane. Before he leaves, he talks to his therapist about the incident and she says "You saw it too?"

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