Christian Hall is an amercian actor best known as Christian Hall in Haunted Woods. His best movies were Evil is  Alive in the Dead, Cabin Fever, Video Camera and The Blair Witch Project. Christian Hall is not only an actor but a director and producer for all his movies.


Year Tittle Role Notes
2019 Haunted Woods Christian/Abomination Christian
2019 Evil is Alive in the Dead David
2019 Video Camera Thomas
2019 The Blair Witch Project Micheal
2020 Haunted Woods Part 2 Christian/Abomination Christian
2020 Video Camera Part 2 Thomas
2020 Evil is Alive in the Dead Part 2 Direct/Producer/Screen Writter
2020 The Blair Witch Project Part 2 Micheal
2021 Haunted Woods Part 3 Christian/Abomination Christian
2021 Evil is Alive in the Dead Part 3 David
2021 The Blair Witch Project Part 3 Direct/Producer/Screen Writter
2021 Video Camera Part 3 Thomas
2022 Cabin Fever Ethan
2022 The Blair Witch Project Part 4 Micheal
2022 Video Camera Part 4 Thomas
2022 Seven Nights of Darkness Mark
2023 Cabin Fever Part 2 Direct/Producer/Screen Writter
2023 Video Camera Part 5 Micheal
2023 Seven Nights of Darkness Part 2

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