Charles Anderson
Known aliases: Charlie father son
Location: 12 Burkittsville Lane
Known relatives: Gina Anderson (mother)
Eric Anderson (Father)
John Anderson (brother)
Elizabeth Collins (Fiancee)
Derek Collins-Anderson (son)
Jack Collin-Anderson (son)
Nicholas Collins-Anderson (son)
Jason Weaver-Collins (Stepson)
the unborn baby (possible Son Or Daughter)
Year of birth: 21 July 1980
Year of death:
Signature weapon: Rifle
First appearance: Blair Witch 3:The Legend of Elly Kedwards
Portrayed by: Dane DeHaan

Charles Anderson is a character in Blair Witch 3:The Legend of Elly Kedwards and Blair Witch 4:The Execution of Rustin Parr and Blair Witch 5:The Coffin Rock and he is played by Dane DeHaan


Blair Witch 3:The Legend of Elly KedwardsEdit

he and Elizabeth and their friends and they discover the Legend of Elly Kedwards and he looked at the woods

Blair Witch 4:The Execution of Rustin ParrEdit

Blair Witch 5:The Coffin RockEdit


  • I know it was Rustin Fucking Parr who murder my Great-Great-Granduncle when he was a child
  • Elizabeth watch out for our baby inside you (talking to his fiancée)
  • he possessed by Rustin Parr and my grandfather wont be happy about Rustin Damn Parr
  • Is she ok (Talking with Jason Davis)
  • hey Noah thoses are the stickmen right and you slept with Elizabeth good one I don't blame you back in 2001 when you slept with her

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