Carrie White 1976 Original

Sissy Spacek potrays Carrie White in the 1976 original original

Carrie White is the daughter of Ralph White and Margaret White. In the 1976 film, Carrie was killed when the ceiling to her house collapsed and fell on her. In the 2002 film, Sue saved Carrie's life and she is now in hiding. In the 2012 film, she was killed when her ceiling collapses on her and crushes her after she got Danielle Simpsons out of the house and killing her mother. In the 2013 film, she is killed when her house is collapsed after she send Sue out of the house.

1976 FilmEdit

2002 Film TV RemakeEdit

2012 Film RemakeEdit

2013 Film Remake RemakeEdit

2017 Film RebootEdit




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