Carrie 2 is a 2016 Horror Slasher Supernatural film which is a sequel to the 2015 reboot, Carrie and a remake of the 1999 film The Rage: Carrie 2. The film stars Scout Taylor Compton, Alexys Nycole Sanchez, Nico Tortorella, Robin Wright, Amanda Peet, Abigail Breslin, Amber Heard, Darren Criss, Shawnee Smith, Norman Reedus, Gerard Butler, Aimee Teegarden, Alex Pettyfer, Max Van Ville, Liam Hemsworth, Bella Thorne, Cody Longo, Chace Crawford, and Brenton Thwaites.

Plot Edit

A local woman named Sue Snell who was a friend of Carrie White, a school counselor at a different school and the only survivor of the prom massacre that happened years ago, gets interviewed by a detective to tell him the whole story about a local girl that Sue met who is a shy teenage girl named Rachel Lang who's develops telekinetic powers and her best friend committed suicide. Sue later finds out that Rachel is related to Carrie White because they have the same father. Meanwhile, Rachel falls in love with a high school jock named Jesse Ryan and they later ending up having sex. During a party to celebrate a football game at her school she finds out that she was used by the high school jocks and then The Rage begins.

Cast Edit

Scout Taylor Compton as Rachel Lang - Rachel is a young and loving teenager with a dark personality and was the best friend of Lisa Parker who has committed suicide because a game that football players made which is who ever takes the most girls virginity wins and Rachel knows the sick game they have been playing and hopes something happens to them. But Rachel isn't mad at a football player who isn't participating in the sex game who is named Jesse Ryan but his spoiled and arrogant girlfriend Tracy starts to become super jealous. Then Jesse cheats on Tracy by having sex with Rachel ad she gets revenge on Rachel by recording the sexual roleplay and humiliating her at a high school party after winning a football game. Once Rachel is humiliated she uses her secret telekinetic powers she used as a child to seek revenge on those for using her as the sex game they made and Rachel kills 98 people at the house party. but a woman named Sue Snell tries to help her because she finds out she is related to an unforgettable person in the small town of Chamberlain, Carrie White.

Alexys Nycole Sanchez as Young Rachel Lang

Nico Tortorella as Jesse Ryan - He is a harmless and big hearted jock who is the love interest of Rachel Lang, a survivor of the party massacre and the ex-boyfriend of Tracy Campbell. Jesse is a nice and smart high school football player who is Rachel's crush and he is in love with her too but he has a girlfriend named Tracy Campbell but he told her that they should see other people. The reason he left Tracy is because she is very rude and insensitive towards Rachel just because she is not popular and pretty like she is and that is why Jesse is in love with Rachel because she is not like the other girls. Jesse doesn't play the sex game his friends play because he think's it is mean and wrong towards all the girls in the school. He has a very kind personality and his dream is to play for the New England Patriots and become a famous athlete.

Robin Wright as Sue Snell - She was the best friend of Carrie White and the only survivor of Prom massacre that happened 25 years ago. Sue is a 42 year old woman who was the only person that looked out for Rachel's half sister, Carrie White who was bullied for not being like the other girls. Now Sue is a school counsler at a different high school in Chamberlein where she finds out a teenage girl has killed her self by falling off a roof after she finds out a football player used her for her virginity and she is suing the football team for statutory rape and using girls for sex but the football players are trying to avoid the lawsuit. Then she finds out that the girl's best friend is a teenager named Rachel Lang who is the half sister of Carrie White because they both share the same father and both secretly develop telekinetic powers and she heard all about this from Rachel's mother who is an insane asylum for painting her house red to keep spirits away from her daughter. Sue has written a novel about the prom massacre that happened 25 years ago and another novel about bullying because she thanks someone will react the same way Carrie White did after Sue's former friend Chris Hargensen did a severe prank on Carrie White during prom. All that Sue wants to do is help people getting bullied the same way Carrie did. Ever since the prom disaster, Sue has been having nightmares and illusions about Carrie White and has learned that she develops telekinesis and that's why se is keeping a close eye out on Rachel.

Amanda Peet as Barbara Lang - She is the insane mother of Rachel Lang and the second ex-wife of Ralph White. Barbara is a 45 year old woman who has spent 11 years in an insane asylum because when Rachel was 6 years old, Barbara painted the whole house red to keep spirits out of the house so they wont take her daughter away because she knows about Rachel's secret telekinetic abilities. Ever since that night, she has been seeing things and saying that something will happen to her daughter one day like she'll die or get hurt and she wont let that happen. Barbara is the total opposite of Margaret White because she treats her telekinetic daughter like a daughter instead of abusing her daughter.

Abigail Breslin as Lisa Parker - She is the best friend of Rachel Lang and the ex-girlfriend of Eric Stark. Lisa is a loving 16 year old girl who has committed suicide because a mean, wicked football player named Eric Stark fell in love with and later found out he used her for sex then dumped her and that made her fall into a deep depressing and suicidal nature. Lisa was like a sister to Rachel because they had a very close friendship and Rachel is alone without Lisa and that made Rachel's telekinetic abilities come back and get revenge on all of the football players for playing the horrible game they made mainly . Lisa and Rachel had matching heart tattoos and when they were kids they always played games together, study together, and always had misadventures when they were children.

Amber Heard as Tracy Campbell - She is Rachel's arch-enemy. Tracy is an stingy, rich, snobbish, selfish, and spoiled teenager who is equivalent to Chris Hargensen because they are ungrateful rich teenagers who are leaders of popular girls and bully unpopular students. Tracy was formally Jesse Ryan's girlfriend but ever since he started hanging around Rachel, Jesse said that they should see other people because Rachel is more nicer and more beautiful then Tracy then Tracy gets super jealous and starts flirting with other guys just to make Jesse jealous. Tracy is much more evil and selfish then Chris towards Rachel. Tracy says rude things to Rachel like unattractive, ass-wipe, or ugly bitch, she also physically abuses her like tripping, shoving, or punching, and when Rachel dating Jesse, she flirted with him just to tease her and thank that Jesse was cheating on her but it hasn't effected her. Then Tracy finds out that Rachel and Jesse are going off to a summer cabin to drink and have sex. Tracy gets back at her by recording the sexual role play and humiliating her at a high school party when the whole 12th grade students except for Jesse was behind it.

Darren Criss as Mark Bing - He is the arch-enemy and teammate of Jesse. Mark is a evil, rich, and arrogant high school student who is equivalent to Billy Nolan because they both are insensitive, abusive, and non-fun spirited teenagers who help a spoiled teenage girl get whatever she wants. Mark is an evil high school quarterback who like most popular students bullies the unpopular students just because they aren't tough and admired like them. Mark is the inventor of the sex game and doesn't care how much it breaks girls hearts. Mark also calls Rachel names like slut, skank, and dick-head just because she was Lisa's best friend and teasing her about her best friend's death and Rachel hates that but karma strikes Mark when he is a victim of the party massacre. Mark and Jesse are enemy's because Mark doesn't know the kind side of Rachel he just "judges a book by it's cover" and Jesse loves her and knows Rachel's kind side. Mark takes his problems out on Rachel so to get back at her he set up a tape making a video of Jesse and Rachel having sex.

Shawnee Smith as Emylin - She is the adoptive mother of Rachel Lang and the wife of Boyd. Emylin is a tomboy 45 year old woman who has adopted Rachel the night after Rachel's biological mother Barbara was taken to a mental asylum. Unlike her husband, she is kind towards Rachel but Boyd abuses her and tells Rachel like they are her real parents but Emylin becomes meaner when Rachel sneaks off with Jesse to have sex. But Emylin starts to become very sad and forgivable to Rachel when she goes to the high school party but they though she ran away from home because they thought they were to hard on her and they never knew what happened to her since that day.

Norman Reedus as Boyd - Boyd is the adoptive father of Rachel Lang and the husband of Emylin. Boyd is an abusive 49-year-old alcoholic who has a bad alcohol problem and is abusive towards Rachel because he never wanted a child but his wife Emylin wants a child so they adopted Rachel to give her a new home and a nicer family. Rachel is mean back to Boyd but he tells her to treat him and Emylin like they are her parents but Boyd is abusive to Rachel and she wont treat him like a father when he stops drinking and treats her like a daughter. Unlike his wife, he is abusive and heartless towards Rachel but Emylin nurtures her and tells Rachel to treat them like her real parents and he gets more meaner when Rachel sneaks off to have sex with Jesse.

Gerard Butler as Detective Roy Goldsmith - Roy Goldsmith is a local detective from Chamberlain who interviews anyone that survived and got involved with the deaths at the high school party massacre. Det. Goldsmith tries to get answers about what could have happened that caused the house party massacre, and mainly interviews Jesse since he is known as the sole survivor of the disaster. Det. Goldsmith is very snarky and uses manipulative tactics in order to get answers from people like Jesse, Arnold, Barbara, and Sue who are the only survivors of the house party massacre, but he is nonetheless a fair and decent cop who only wants to help out his community.

Aimee Teegarden as Monica Jones - Monica is a bitchy, popular tomboyish girl who is best friends with Tracy and is another enemy of Rachel. Monica is a female bitchy teenage girl who cares about no one but her and the popular girls. Monica is equivalent to Norma Watson because they are both self described a spoiled princess and is best friends with a mean and manipulative girl who participates into bullying an unpopular high school student who develops telekinetic powers. When Rachel starts dating Jesse, Monica starts pretending to be nice so she can invite Rachel to the party and see her get humiliated by showing the video of Jesse and Rachel having sex but karma strikes her when she is a victim of the party massacre. Monica is easily manipulated by Tracy to get whatever she wants and is known as her "second in command" and is also into pranking and taunting all the other kids in her neighborhood.

Alex Pettyfer as Eric Stark - He is the ex-boyfriend of Lisa Parker and the best friend of Mark Bing. Eric is a rude and mean football player who is a particiaptes in the evil sex game him and his buddies are playing. He is equivalent combo of Billy Nolan and Jackie Talbot as they all are close friends with manipulative teenagers who participates into humiliating a classmate in a awful and evil prank. Eric is the reason that Lisa committed suicide because he only used Lisa for sex and that made several of her friends in school mad mainly Rachel because Lisa and Rachel were friends since they were younger. Eric is like a brother to Mark because they both have a lot in common. He enjoys taunting, patronizing and humiliating Rachel and is easily manipulated by the popular girls to do their bidding and get them whatever they want like bullying the unpopular teens, mainly Rachel Lang and Lisa Parker.

Max Van Ville as Brad Winters - He is a local high school jock best friends with Jesse Ryan, the boyfriend of Monica Jones, and a victim of the party massacre. Brad formally played the sex game him and his other friends play and is the 2nd nicest person on the football team not to use teenage girls for sexual role-play and to rob them of their virginity. Brad's real name was Brady but his friends, girlfriend, and relatives call him Brad for short because they think it sounds cooler. Brad is equivalent to Jackie Talbot because they are both rude and insensitive teenagers who pretend to be nice to the unpopular kids but use them for a prank and it turns into a very bad problem.

Liam Hemsworth as Chuck Potter - Chuck is a football player who is a part of the sex game him and his friends are playing and he is getting the most girls. Chuck is a local teenage football player who is part of the evil sex game that him and his football team friends play and he enjoys playing it even if it breaks teenage girls hearts and sometimes Chuck flirts with Tracy because he has a romantic attraction towards her and he is a victim of the party massacre. He is another of Jesse's enemies because Chuck is on Mark's side about Rachel and he treats woman like second class citizens. Chuck is the equivalent of Kenny Garson because they both are male bullies of the main character who loves mocking and bullying the main character but they both fall victim of the massacre.

Bella Thorne as Debra Maschan - She is another friend of Tracy Campbell, the new girlfriend of Eric Stark, a victim of the party massacre. Debra is one of Rachel's bullies who peer pressures all the other girls to follow Tracy around so she can get what ever Tracy wants and make everybody obey her demands. Debra is very similar to Monica as they both pretend to be friendly towards Rachel but just use her so she can get humiliated during the high school party. Like most of the other popular girls, she is very wicked and evil to all the unpopular girls but mainly Rachel Lang. She is the equivalence of Helen Shyres because they bullied the main characters, both were nice to the main characters in the future but they both fall victim of the massacre.

Brenton Thwaites as Arnold Thomas - Arnold is a close friend of Rachel Lang and Jesse Ryan and a survivor of the party massacre. Arnold is a nerdy jock who doesn't like the other football players because of their tyrannical, insensitive attitude towards the all the girls in the school because of their sex game that they play and he think's it is very rude and evil. Arnold loves playing sports like football or soccer but he is also interested in mathematics and physic industry. Arnold wasn't invited to the high school party because he was a nerdy loud mouth but he decided to sneak into the party and then he was part of the massacre but he was a survivor. He is one of the people that get interviewed by Det. Roy Goldsmith and he knows a lot about Rachel and seems to have a major crush on Rachel.

Deaths Edit

Lisa Parker - After she found out that Eric only used her to rob her of her virginity, she has fallen into a very deep depression and then suicidal so she decided to walk up to the top of the roof with a sad look on her face. Then when Lisa walked to the edge of the roof and looked down at all the students and saw Rachel looking for her, she jumped off the roof and landed on a car and her face went through the windshield causing glass shards to get stabbed deep in her forehead and face and a lot of blood was coming from her face.

Monica Jones - After Rachel was humiliated from the sex tape, Rachel turned around to everyone who started laughing and then her eyes started to fill with anger and used her telekinetic powers to cause a large shockwave which made everybody struggling to stay up straight. Then Rachel used her telekinetic powers to make a large shockwave to cause everyone fall to the ground. Then everybody got up and started running to the doors and Rachel used her telekinetic powers to close every door and window so no one could escape. Then she noticed Monica trying to escape and used her telekinetic powers to throw her at a television which made Monica get electrocuted and burnt to death.

Brad Winters - When Brad opened the door and was planning to escape from the party so he can call the police to help him and all his friends from the party massacre, Rachel used her telekinetic powers to close the door on Brad causing him to struggle to get out from through the door. Then blood started oozing from Brad causing several people in the house to get frightened and run across the room and then Brad's ribs were crushed causing him to slowly die and then later Brad's corpse was split in half then both of the half's of Brad's corpse was caught in the fire and burnt to death.

Mark Bing - When Mark opened up a window and ran to his car to drive away and saw many of his peers trying to find a way out , Rachel looked out of a window and saw Mark trying to escape with his car. Then Rachel used her telekinetic powers to pop one of Mark's tires so he couldn't drive away and then used her telekinetic powers to lift up the car with Mark's car in the air and slammed the car into an electric pole which caused a huge explosion inside Mark's car while he was still inside. Then the electric pole slammed inside the house causing the house to cause a huge fire and killing several other people.

Chuck Potter - After Rachel killed Mark in a severe car accident with her powerful rage, a large fire spreaded all around the house and killed several people in the party massacre. Chuck couldn't make it to the door because the fire surrounded him, Rachel noticed him surrounded by fire and defenseless and then Rachel used her telekinetic powers to pick up a burning table and throw it at Chuck planning to kill him. Then the burning table slammed into Chuck making him fall to the ground and started to bleed to death and later got caught in the fire and burnt him to death.

Eric Stark - Eric noticed Rachel killing Chuck with her telekinetic powers, Eric kept falling to the ground because the house kept shaking from Rachel's powerful and uncontrollable rage, Rachel noticed Eric trying to escape the disaster with many of his peers and used her telekinetic powers to break every window in the house into large chunks of glass shards. Then Rachel picked up large glass shards with her telekinesis and stabbed all the glass shards in Eric's neck and chest killing him. Then Eric fell to the ground into the fire burning his corpse and then he was crushed by a roof beam.

Debra Meschan - After Rachel killed Eric by impaling him with several glass shards, Rachel noticed Debra crying in fear and running as fast as she could planning to find a door and find away to escape from the party massacre and Debra kept yelling and crying out "HELP ME" but no one would help her, then Rachel used her telekinetic powers to spread the fire even wider through the house. Then Debra was cornered by a large fire and then Rachel used her telekinetic powers to pick up a wooden round table and then slam the table onto Debra causing blood to come of out of her nose and then Debra fell to the ground which made her get caught in the fire and was brutally burnt to death.

Tracy Campbell - When Rachel noticed Jesse, Arnold, and Tracy are trying to escape the massacre, She used her telekinetic powers to pick up a burning round table and planned to try and slam it onto them but they all dodged the table and the table slammed into a wall. Then Tracy stared at Rachel and Rachel used her telekinetic powers to make eleven electric wires surround Tracy. Then Tracy screamed in fear which made several electric wires electrocute her. Tracy kept getting weaker and foam was coming from her mouth from getting electrocuted by the electrical wires and then fell to the ground causing her to become unconscious. Later a roof beam slammed on her body crushing and burning her body killing her.

Rachel Lang - After Tracy was killed, Rachel turned on the water sensors and slowly walked up to Jesse planning to kill him. Jesse was trying to tell her that he didn't use her, she noticed from the sex tape that Jesse said "I love you". Rachel finally believed him and told him that they have to get out of house before the get killed. Then a roof beam slammed to the ground causing the door to get blocked. Then Rachel told Jesse to go on without her but Jesse refused to do it. Then Rachel picked Jesse up with her telekinetic powers and threw him through a window which made Jesse fall to the ground where he watched many of his peers running in the out of the house and into the road. Then a roof beam fell onto Rachel and noticed her mother Barbra yelling "Rachel". Rachel was calling out for her and then Barbara ran up to Rachel. Barbara took a good glimpse at Rachel and didn't know it was Rachel so Barbara decided to leave her behind instead of saving her. Then Rachel was sobbing and yelling for her to come back but she ignored Rachel and ran out a door. Then Rachel looked up at the roof and roof beams started falling to the ground crushing Rachel's body killing her. Then later the whole house flattened to the ground killing Rachel while Jesse watched the house flatten. A week later, Jesse went to the cemetery to see Rachel's tomb and then left a red rose and a picture of him and Rachel by her tomb. Then later the film ends with Rachel's hand came out of the ground and grabbed Jesse's leg causing Jesse to scream.

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