"Victor Come here now you son a bitch "
―Carl Richardson [src]
Carl Richardson
Known aliases: my son (ByAbraham)

The Countess son (By Victor)

Location: The Richardson Manison
Known relatives: Elizabeth Báthory (Mother)
Abraham Richardson (father)
Count Dracula (Cousin/Uncle)
Paul Richardson (brother)
Andrew Richardson (brother)
Anna Richardson (sister)
unborn twin babies (brother and sister)
Year of birth: 4 June 1996
Year of death:
Signature weapon: Swords and Guns
First appearance: The Vampire Knight
Portrayed by: Lucas Till


The Vampire KnightEdit

The Vampire Knight:The night of the vampiresEdit

The Vampire Knight:The Nightmare RisesEdit


  • if this manor was an avocado I would eat it (talking with his fathers friend)


In The Vampire KnightEdit

In The Vampire Knight:The night of the vampiresEdit

inThe Vampire Knight:The Nightmare RisesEdit

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