Ellen wroe

Ellen Wroe plays Brianna Albertson in the orginal Scream series

Brianna Albertson (Fake Name: Sierra Lockette) is a film maker, tennis player, a Stab fan, and the former Ghostface killer. She is the daughter of Lucas Albertson and Hannah Albertson. She is also the twin sister of Dana Albertson. She has an older brother name Tim Albertson. Her best friend is Missy Gibson and Hayley McDonald (Childhood's best friend), She is friends with Ethan Carsia. She's also a Cotten Weary fan. She formed a team called Team Albertson in Scream: TNG 8. She's also friends with Lisa Hills. She also has a cousin name Andrea Albertson. She's also the half sister of Lucy Hoffin. She was killed by Sidney Prescott, but somehow survived and helps Sidney and her friends stop Ghostface.




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